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Cloud Complexity Management

Simplifying your cloud to avoid a complexity crisis

Moving to the cloud offers competitive advantage, flexibility, and resiliency. However, getting the most out of your cloud journey involves a plan for managing complexity—the complexity that comes with rapid growth and from a past where architecture and leading practices often took a back seat to meeting a tactical need. Deloitte’s Cloud Complexity Management (CCM) framework helps you proactively manage the realities of cloud transformation while laying the foundation to achieve what cloud makes possible.


As your cloud footprint grows, often so does IT complexity

For most companies to remain competitive, cloud is a necessity—one that most businesses and governments can leverage to move faster, in more innovative and game-changing directions. Failing to adopt cloud technology may mean falling behind the competition in an environment where playing catchup can be a no-win situation.

So, what happens if you’ve moved ahead with cloud but are not getting the value you expected? Perhaps your cloud environment is growing quickly—adding data, applications, and architectures, layering complexity on top of complexity. As a result, your IT infrastructure can become too complex for administrators, developers, and end users to manage effectively. Eventually, adding and removing applications grows increasingly time-consuming with direct impact on operational costs. Asking staff to do too much with too little can increase turnover in cloud operations. And when the simplicity, speed, and cost savings expected from cloud fall off, leadership has reason to question its value. These issues signal the beginning of a cloud complexity problem that organizations need to address—and fast.

A recent survey of medium-to-large companies found almost half of companies say that cloud is more complex than they expected.

Source: Deloitte Data Modernization and Cloud Complexity Survey, 2019

Survey says: Cloud complexity is real

Deloitte conducted a survey of 504 cloud professionals and senior executives to quantify attitudes, initiatives taken, and primary concerns surrounding Cloud Complexity.

Take the complexity out of cloud management with Deloitte’s cloud complexity framework

Before you reach a tipping point where the costs and risks of cloud begin to outweigh its benefits, it’s important to consider how your business can address cloud complexity while equipping the enterprise to achieve its goals.  How can IT make a difference?  While there are no magic bullets, managing cloud complexity is about working smarter and leveraging technology to solve, rather than compound, complexity.

The Cloud process

We look at your cloud system as a sum of its parts—our approach considers your cloud operations as a system of domains. Each domain works as part of a connected system; and introducing a process to manage each domain, helps to streamline operations and improve performance. By keeping every domain optimized, the entire cloud environment can run like a well-oiled machine. Here’s how the process works—using a combination of methodology, toolsets, and knowledge—to orchestrate a well-run system:

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No two journeys to the cloud are alike. That’s why our Cloud Complexity Management approach is designed with the flexibility to adapt to your business—helping put you and your business in a position to achieve what’s truly possible.
How can the cloud complexity management approach help streamline your cloud operations? Contact us to find out.

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