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Matching enterprises and startups to accelerate innovation

Bridge by Deloitte

Enterprises want to tap into external innovation ecosystems to build businesses of tomorrow. Startups want enterprise partners. Bridge connects the two. Bridge is a subscription-based digital platform that helps enterprises connect directly with startups, monitor the innovation landscape, and foster new ideas together. It combines the sector-specific knowledge and depth of Deloitte insights with powerful algorithms to scan the innovation ecosystem for startup partners based on specified criteria.​

​​Marketplace-curated ecosystem of vetted innovators

Enterprises looking to identify innovative solutions to their most pressing business issues are launching incubators and external partnerships to help jumpstart their process. Realizing that it’s no longer efficient to rely solely on internal groups to innovate, companies are sourcing ideas and solutions from the startup community. However, finding the right ideas and solutions can prove complicated.

Using an intuitive digital platform accessible to every team in their enterprise, partners have access to a marketplace-curated ecosystem of vetted innovators. With immediate results in hand, the team can connect with innovators on the platform or craft customized updates tracking innovation activity in its chosen sector. Different business units within the enterprise can use customized tracking and management functions to share what they’ve learned about innovators in their fields.

It can be risky and time-consuming to rely on internal research and development groups or to launch external incubators from scratch. Using Bridge to connect with innovators gives large enterprises a quick, efficient path from identifying a need to innovate to addressing that need.

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How it works

The connection begins when a company reaches out to find an ally for innovation.

For each participating innovator, Bridge maintains an up-to-date profile that combines the company’s own published information with additional data Deloitte has compiled. If the company is looking for certain characteristics or capabilities, Bridge can find innovators that match. If the company is evaluating a specific innovator, Bridge can deliver the details. And as people in a company gain experience working with each innovator, they can add their own knowledge to the online profile.

With Bridge, the ecosystem of innovators is curated, organized, and placed at your fingertips.

Bridge in action

With Bridge, you can…

  • Find top startups for your organization. Answer questions that narrow the chaotic startup landscape to identify desirable partners that match your business’s strategic goals.
  • Discover specific business problems each startup can solve. The Use Case Library organizes business problems into easily understood outcomes and activities.
  • Search by startups, innovation categories, and business problems. Powerfully search an exhaustive startup profile database that aggregates public information and Deloitte insights.
  • Explore innovation categories relevant to your business. Startups are categorized specifically for each sector to simplify the process of discovering emerging trends in your industry.
  • Align efforts across business units. CRM, tracking, and portfolio management functionality allows business units to share research and progress regarding startups​​.

Take the next step

Once your enterprise contacts us to launch an account subscription, your team can begin almost immediately. Initially, your enterprise may use Bridge as a highly specialized search engine to find the missing link in a critical initiative or growth plan. Your team may also use Bridge to discover the who, what, and where of critical future developments that are integral to success.

Deloitte “Scope & Scan” workshops are also available to help your team survey the innovation landscape. Enterprises and innovators can also take advantage of Deloitte advisor support, get help making introductions, or schedule “demo days.”

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