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Visualize open source technology trends

Open Source Compass: A new way to glean insights on emerging technologies

Increasingly, enterprises are leveraging open source technology environments that allow software engineers to collaborate, contribute new code, and improve existing efforts. Open Source Compass, a data visualization tool, provides insights on the trajectory of open source development for emerging technologies to inform key business decisions.

Open Source Compass: Navigate technology-driven disruption

Why open source?

Open source technology is gaining traction in the enterprise as a powerful accelerator for digital transformation, value creation, and talent strategy.

Open Source Compass enables technology leaders to conduct analysis that will help them address their top priorities—including digital strategy, talent, and risk mitigation—and inform such critical activities as:

  • Identifying opportunities for future innovation—where to invest, how much, and when
  • Detecting potential risks
  • Identifying and assessing collaboration opportunities
  • Scouting for tech talent in specific technology domains and locations

Explore trends in open source activity

Open Source Compass is an open source website that provides insights into the trajectory of open source software by visualizing trends in technology domains, projects, programming languages, and locations. Easy to use, and customizable, Open Source Compass helps answer questions central to technology decisions and allows you to compare, map, share, and download data.

Learn what Open Source Compass can do for your organization

Open Source Compass can inform C-suite leaders, product managers, and software engineers as they:

  1. Ensure operational excellence: The site can provide insights on popular projects in domains likes cloud and serverless computing, web development, and cybersecurity that could influence tooling decisions that impact operational excellence.
  2. Modernize the IT org and reimagine talent: The site highlights popular programming languages for given domains and geographic concentration of talent that can help when planning recruiting and training programs.
  3. Drive digital: The site can surface trends in emerging technologies, such as growth or stagnation of supporting platforms or increased interest in particular domains that could impact an organization’s digital strategy and roadmap.
  4. Industrialize innovation capabilities and capacity: The site shows popular projects across technology domains that could be good candidates for prototyping and experimentation. It could also identify organizations invested in a technology domain of interest for potential collaboration.

Learn more about Open Source Compass and how it can provide data and insights to help your IT leaders.

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