2010 American pantry study

The new rules of the shopping game

The 2010 study, a joint project between Deloitte and Harrison Group, is designed to quantify changes in consumer behavior and provide packaged goods executives with a sophisticated understanding of the consumer and how to compete in this environment. It explores how issues of post-recessionary purchasing resourcefulness among consumers impacts the role of brands, shopper channel planning, and brand trade-off strategies.​

Without question, the recession changed the way consumers go to market. Impulse shopping is down. Frugality, price value trade-offs, the search for value across multiple channels and careful analysis of needs versus wants dominate the new economic culture.

What does this mean for today’s consumer and the companies targeting them? How does a more resourceful and informed consumer impact the role of brands, shopper channel planning, and brand trade-off strategies?

In the report, consumer products executives will find a rich analysis of the reasons why people buy and how consumers appear to have changed during these challenging times. 

We explore the five “W’s” in American purchase patterns: who buys what, when, where, and why, including detailed analysis of how:

  • Shopping patterns have evolved for the resourceful shopper
  •  Channel usage and expectations are changing rapidly
  •  Brands must retool to remain relevant in changing times
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