Disruption in the automotive supply base

Staying relevant

While the basic DNA of an automobile has not changed in over 100 years, there is no question that the industry is changing and being challenged in a completely new way. Globalization, technology, and consumer expectations are changing the game in the automotive industry and strategic choices made by suppliers over the last two decades are impacting the industry today. How well-prepared is your business strategy to address this—and the future—environment?

Top considerations for staying relevant in automotive

With globalization, digitalization, regulatory changes, expanding product modularity, and increased partnership activities creating greater risks and opportunities, smart automotive suppliers will build and improve strategic risk management systems by:

  • Accelerating discovery of surprises through regular, systematic mechanisms
  • Scanning ruthlessly for small subtle indicators of change that could produce a tipping point
  • Confronting biases and admitting you are not immune
  • Preparing for surprises before it is too late
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