Gaps in the digital net

How retailers can close the risk holes

Digital is redefining relationships in retail, compelling companies to rethink almost every aspect of their operations and pushing them to come up with novel, innovative ways to accommodate customers. But as they wade deeper into the digital waters, retailers will need to look at the larger picture, contemplating a new set of interconnected risks and developing approaches to anticipate and manage those risks as well as capitalize on the opportunities they may bring.

Learn how a detailed digital risk framework enables leaders to consider the level of risk it is willing to take on in the pursuit of innovation and potentially lucrative new ideas. When risk management coordination is effective, the result is a seamless interplay of sense-and-respond activities that free up the organization to focus on the significant opportunities presented by the unfolding digital landscape. 


Digital forces of social, omni-channel shopping, and retail technology are creating wave after wave of interconnected risks. Furthermore, technology has given rise to a new kind of connected consumer and worker causing retail organizations to fundamentally rethink every aspect of their operations and risk processes.

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