How retail experiences are influencing patient-provider expectations

The tail wagging the dog

Consumer expectations will continue to be influenced by their daily experiences outside of the healthcare setting. To keep pace, health care providers should consider focusing on learnings and leading practices from the retail industry.

This piece highli​ghts three technological and consumer trends driving this increase in consumer expectations and the demand for a different type of health care provider-patient relationship. Three strategies are proposed to help hospitals and health care systems respond to this changing relationship and shift in expectations.

Three trends driving the increase in consumer expectations:

  • Increasing knowledge and awareness of choices
  • Increasing expectation for value and cost transparency
  • Increasing desire for a collaborative provider - patient relationship

Three strategies for the new provider-patient relationship: 

  • Improved end to end customer experience
  • Better (increased) utilization of technology
  • Seamless coordination and customization of services​​
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