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Over the past decade, the "Going Global" strategy has been pivotal in propelling the economic transformation of China. It is also driving the overseas expansion of many Chinese companies, which are able to tap the international markets and acquire new technologies and best practices. Opportunities always come along with pitfalls and it is our mission to provide guidance to Chinese companies through what can be something of a minefield during their globalization journey.

Established in 2003, Deloitte's Global Chinese Services Group (GCSG) aims to advise Chinese companies expanding global presence, and multinational companies operating in China. We have professionals who speak Chinese and/or understand Chinese business culture in 90 countries and regions. This dedicated network is committed to providing professional advice and comprehensive solutions to Chinese companies' globalization.

It is our goal to help our clients expand their global footprint. In the past five years, one-third of outbound deals on which we have advised were valued over USD10 billion each. Further, we have participated in the largest overseas mergers & acquistions transactions, as well as offered one-stop outbound investment services to more than half of the Fortune Global 500® Chinese companies.

To stay ahead of the curve in putting the needs of clients as our priority, the GCSG continues its efforts in evolving and adapting to the changing dynamics of the marketplaces, and provides advice and solutions to clients to address their complex business challenges.

To learn more about the Chinese Services Group and how it can help your cross-border strategy, please contact CSG Partner, Johnny Zhang.

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CSG’s value to clients

A globally integrated platform aiming to deliver the best client experiences.

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CSG mission

Operating as a platform to leverage expertise in the Chinese market and bridge the cultural gap. We are devoted to provide our clients with multi-member firm, multi-industry, multi-functional, and multi-disciplinary services.

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John Hung

John Hung

Global Chinese Services Group Chairman

John is a partner of Deloitte China. Since joining the partnership of Deloitte China in 1996, he has been serving some Deloitte’s most significant national and global clients. Currently he is the vice... More

Johnny Zhang

Johnny Zhang

Partner | Global Chinese Services Group

Johnny is Deloitte Global Chinese Services Group (CSG) partner based in Beijing. Leveraging the Global CSG network spanning over 90 countries and regions, he leads the CSG core team to provide profess... More

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