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The internet of value: What CFOs need to know about blockchain

Driving Enterprise Value

April 26 | 3 p.m. ET | 19:00 GMT

Host: Miles Ewing, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP
1 Overview CPE credit | Specialized Knowledge

As a distributed, shared ledger, blockchain allows users to trade and conduct transactions, transfer the assets in real time, and keep a trusted record of those events – with key advantages over traditional models. What are some use cases of blockchain across industries, and how can it help create enterprise value? We'll discuss:

  • Why blockchain is a sustainable technology in finance and across the enterprise, not a passing fad.
  • Instances when blockchain is an effective solution for a specific industry or finance application.
  • How companies are reaping the benefits of blockchain today.

Participants will learn how blockchain can yield significant cost savings, decrease transaction time, reduce risk, and increase efficiency for the enterprise.

Explore our “Blockchain for Finance” guide, the latest installment in our Crunch Time series, where we dive deep into business blockchains and what chief financial officers (CFOs) need to know about the distributed ledger technology. You can also examine other digital disruptors and their impacts in our other Crunch Time reports. Whatever your interest, one thing is clear: From cloud computing and robotics to analytics, cognitive technologies, and blockchain, a new class of digital disruptors is transforming how the work of finance gets done.

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