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Financial accounting and reporting for income taxes: Midyear update

Tax Accounting & Provisions

June 26 | 1 p.m. ET

Host: Vickie Carr, partner, Deloitte Tax LLP
1.5 Overview CPE credits | Accounting

It's important to stay ahead of tax reporting changes and associated issues that may affect your organization. What tax accounting matters deserve attention at midyear 2020? We'll discuss:

  • Recent developments and continued tax accounting challenges.
  • Standard-setting and regulatory developments.
  • Interim reporting.
  • Financial reporting updates and other hot topics.

Participants will gain valuable insights into interim accounting for income taxes and consider the latest developments affecting financial reporting for taxes.

Tax Accounting & Provisions Dbriefs webcast

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Vickie Carr

Vickie Carr

US Leader | National Tax Accounting Group (NTAG)

Vickie is a partner in Deloitte Tax LLP. She has been with Deloitte for more than 30 years serving public and private clients in several industries, including many of our largest multinational clients... More