Dbriefs Webcast

Location strategies for inbound investments: Thinking outside the box

China Issues

May 10 | 11 a.m. ET | 15:00 GMT

Host: Lili Zheng, partner, Deloitte Tax LLP
1 Overview CPE credit | Specialized Knowledge

With foreign direct investment into the United States by multinational corporations remaining robust and as competition among industry players intensifies, ROI and long-term profitability of new operations will hinge upon an enterprise's ability to establish and maintain structural competitive advantages. What role does an effective location strategy play in this equation? We'll discuss:

  • The diverse and dynamic competitive landscape presented by the United States and North America.
  • Critical location factors that vary across industries and types of operations.
  • Challenges and pitfalls companies commonly encounter without a comprehensive location strategy.

Participants will gain an understanding of various ways that an informed location decision can drive value and generate competitive advantage.