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Special Edition | COVID-19's impact on the economy: Insights for private companies

Private Companies

May 4 |1 p.m. ET

Host: Bob Rosone, managing director, Deloitte LLP
1 Overview CPE credit | Economics

Private company owners and executives are busy trying to navigate a global economy going through its worst crisis in modern times. What can they expect in terms of the depth and duration of the downturn, when might the virus become less worrisome, and what could the post-crisis world look like? We'll discuss:

  • The likely outlook for the US and global economies.
  • Risk factors potentially affecting that outlook.
  • Potential government policy responses.
  • Possible long-term implications of the crisis.

Participants will explore various issues and opportunities emerging from the pandemic and consider options for charting a path forward as the crisis subsides.

Private Companies Dbriefs webcast

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Robert Rosone

Robert Rosone

Managing Director | Deloitte Private

Bob is a managing director with Deloitte LLP focused on expanding Deloitte’s services to private companies through Deloitte Private. His responsibilities include operations, business development, mark... More

Ira Kalish

Ira Kalish

Chief Global Economist, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Dr. Kalish is the Chief Global Economist of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd. He is a specialist in global economic issues as well as the effects of economic, demographic, and social trends on the global ... More