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From sick care to health care: Empowering consumers' wellness journey

Life Sciences & Health Care

September 27 | 1 p.m. ET | 17:00 GMT

Host: Terry Hisey, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP
1 Overview CPE credit | Specialized Knowledge

Patients are increasingly owning their health and becoming power players in the health care ecosystem. How can the life sciences and health care industry support this shift from sick care to health care? We'll discuss:

  • How consumers are engaging with the health care ecosystem and what is missing for a better customer experience. 
  • How consumers are using wearables and other apps to focus on health and wellness.
  • Ways health care providers, health plans, and life sciences companies can provide more customized offerings and solutions to support consumer health.

Participants will learn about strategies health care stakeholders can use to empower consumers to own their health, drive value, and improve outcomes.

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Terry Hisey

Terry Hisey

Principal | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Terry is a senior principal in the Life Science & Healthcare (LSHC) practice for Deloitte Consulting LLP. As a senior leader, Terry heads the efforts with two global life science companies in medicine... More

Douglas Beaudoin

Douglas Beaudoin

Principal | Life Sciences & Health Care

Doug leads Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Life Sciences and Health Care practice. With 24 years of experience, he works closely with multiple top health care organizations on major clinical and enterprise ... More