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Global tax management: Insights for delivering more value

Tax leaders within global organizations face constantly shifting challenges and priorities. With pressure coming from many directions, how are tax functions pursuing progress and managing pitfalls? Participants will learn about market trends via Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited's latest survey on tax management, gain insights on how tax leaders are managing their tax departments, and discover ways to deliver value aligned with CFOs' expectations, now and in the future.

Business Strategy & Tax
February 12
1 p.m. ET
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The evolution of accounting: Building a sustainable framework for the future

With the release of many new accounting standards in recent years, organizations are finding the need to build a sustainable framework to implement these new requirements. But how do finance professionals create a process that can evolve with the dynamic regulatory environment? Participants will explore ways to build a scalable accounting model that can evolve with accelerated changes and examine leading practices to optimize for controllership.

Controllership Perspectives
January 29
2 p.m. ET  
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Third-party risk: Optimizing the extended enterprise

In many organizations there is focus on extended enterprise risk management (EERM) practices. What are drivers behind that movement, and what are top-of-mind themes for boards, leaders, and practitioners? Participants will discover a unique approach to managing their third-party ecosystem and explore ways to better structure their organization to drive and protect value while becoming more nimble.

Cybersecurity on the front lines: A call to action

As cyber technologies continue to proliferate, cybersecurity risks grow. Have you deployed innovative approaches and challenged conventional thinking in your management of cybersecurity? Participants will discover ways to enhance cyber program capabilities and determine how to benefit from risk assessments of cybersecurity controls and reporting effectiveness across the three lines of defense.

M&A trends 2020: Clear sailing or headwinds in the coming year?

How could market uncertainty and a potential economic downturn, together with changes in the regulatory environment, affect merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in 2020? And, given the current environment, where do executives see deal flow going? Participants will consider analysis of results from the 7th annual Deloitte M&A trends report and evaluate insights that can help them with their 2020 M&A planning and strategies.

Driving Enterprise Value
February 19
2 p.m. ET
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Tech bytes: The legal workforce of the future emerges

As organizations continue to undertake digital transformation, the demand for their legal departments to develop efficiencies that drive economic value increases despite continually diminishing resources. How can technology help legal executives overcome resource challenges and simultaneously deliver greater value to their organizations? Participants will identify factors driving legal digital transformation, explore important steps in that process, and discover takeaways from one organization’s journey.

Digital forensics in the cloud: A new dimension in legal discovery

Cloud computing brings new challenges and opportunities to forensics, discovery, and investigations. What can organizations do to address this fast-changing environment? Participants will discover the impact of cloud on legal and compliance and determine issues they should consider as they expand their cloud presence.