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OECD’s transfer pricing guidance on COVID-19: Practical applications

The OECD's December 2020 guidance on transfer pricing implications of COVID-19 encouraged tax authorities to give taxpayers the benefit of the doubt while also cautioning taxpayers against opportunism. What practical lessons have been learned since then? Participants will gain fresh insights on how the OECD’s guidance is being interpreted by tax authorities and learn pragmatic and flexible ways taxpayers are applying it.

Transfer Pricing
March 30
1 p.m. ET
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Disrupting the norm: Reinventing state tax compliance with technology

Changes in tax law, advancement of tax software and proliferation of data can make today's state tax compliance effort daunting. Through emerging technologies, companies can enhance the tax department value by re-focusing human efforts on higher value aspects of the process while technology addresses the more time-consuming ones. Participants will identify potential areas in their process for improvements and envision a technology roadmap for the future which can generate immediate value.

Multistate Tax
March 2
1 p.m. ET
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Employment tax controversy: Proactive risk management

The United States Internal Revenue Service, like many tax authorities both inside and outside the US, continues to apply increased scrutiny on employment tax compliance. Notably, significant taxpayer-favorable adjustments on quarterly tax filings are being examined, a practice that occurred even before the 2020-2021 Employer Retention Credit (and its tax filing adjustments). Participants will gain insights on global employment tax developments and practical ways to anticipate and address related challenges.

Annual tax technology update: What's in store for 2021

In January 2020 many organizations had plans that included thoughtful road maps to guide their tax organizations. Fast forward through the pandemic, tax organizations must continue the path of digital transformation while driving value and fulfilling regulatory requirements. Participants will learn about recent and upcoming tech trends needed to not just support the new normal but to transform the tax lifecycle.

Tax Operations
March 25
1 p.m. ET
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Financial accounting and reporting for income taxes: Important updates

What income tax accounting matters should you be thinking about in 2021? How will you continue to address ongoing impacts of the global pandemic, and how it has changed the way we work and operate? Participants can assess the latest developments and areas of complexity related to tax accounting and determine how those developments might affect their companies.