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Tax technology transformation: Head in the clouds?

Many companies are considering or planning migrations to cloud ERP platforms, providing opportunities for tax departments to take significant steps toward a digital future of enhanced data and analytics capabilities. By driving a fundamental shift in how technology products are built and delivered, how can cloud enable other technologies that tax departments can leverage? Participants will gain an enhanced understanding of cloud technologies, specific opportunities to consider, and how to discuss tax integration opportunities with finance and IT teams.

Tax Operations
July 25
2 p.m. ET 
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Treasury operations in the wake of tax reform: Top things to consider

As businesses continue to address 2017 US tax law changes, many questions are arising about the post-reform impacts on, and treatment of, corporate treasury operations. What should tax and treasury operations executives know? Participants will learn about potential opportunities and challenges the changing US and foreign tax environment could present for treasury operations.

International Tax
July 31
2 p.m. ET |
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Challenges and solutions in indirect tax after Wayfair

What legislation have states enacted after the Wayfair decision, and what is under consideration by the federal government? What are the potential issues and opportunities companies should be aware of? Participants will learn about potential indirect tax challenges they could face and ways to address them.

Multistate Tax
August 1
2 p.m. ET 
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New section 451 regulations: Much needed clarification

The long-anticipated proposed section 451(b) regulations have been released, providing needed guidance in tax accounting for revenue recognition. Do they address the many unanswered questions that existed based on the legislative history and the Joint Committee on Taxation Blue Book Explanation for section 451(b)? Participants will explore potential tax opportunities in implementing both section 451(b) and ASC 606.

Federal Tax
August 6
2 p.m. ET
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Global employment tax: Switching from reactive to proactive risk management

As tax authorities around the world continue to apply increased scrutiny on employment tax compliance, many employers are now investing in technologies, resources, and tools to proactively enhance their compliance globally. In practice, however, switching from reactive to proactive risk management involves a number of challenges and considerations. Participants will gain insights on global employment tax developments and practical ways to anticipate and address related challenges.

The Power of With: Humans working with machines are transforming tax

As tax departments are continually asked to do more with fewer resources, they are transforming operations and process management by implementing new technologies. Will the Power of With— where tax professionals work with machines—drive the future of tax? Participants will gain a unique point of view on the opportunities to integrate humans with machines in ways that will amplify what tax professionals do well.

Tax Operations
August 22
2 p.m. ET
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Global mobility: Meeting growing expectations for employee experience

Employee experience is a growing focus for global mobility teams as the scope and number of mobile employees expand. What leading practices can help mobility teams meet traditional compliance responsibilities while becoming trusted advisers and delivery champions? Participants will learn ways to address the growing demands on mobility programs while delivering more strategic, value-added mobility services.