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IRS practice and procedure: Recent developments and emerging issues

Over the past year, there have been significant developments in the IRS practice and procedure area that impact a variety of taxpayers and tax practitioners. What statutory and regulatory changes, as well as updates to IRS initiatives, should you be aware of? Learn about these and other recent IRS practice and procedure developments.

Tax Controversy
February 28
2 p.m. ET | 19:00 GMT
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Equity compensation in a mobility context: A primer for tax and HR personnel

Companies that offer employees, especially globally mobile employees, equity compensation face specific tax compliance challenges and risks. What are some of the most important considerations that both mobility and non-mobility practitioners should be aware of? Explore important mobility issues associated with delivery of stock plan awards to mobile employees.

Global Mobility, Talent, & Rewards
March 1
2 p.m. ET | 19:00 GMT
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Preparing for the changing landscape: The new section 385 regulations

Many companies will be affected by the newly applied section 385 regulations, which require companies to change how they approach intercompany financing and cash management. What should financial executives know about the tax and finance implications of Section 385? Learn about the new section 385 regulations and how they can broadly impact your company's current and future financing and transactions.

Business Strategy & Tax
March 7
2 p.m. ET | 19:00 GMT
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India spotlight: BEPS adoption, enforcement actions, audits, and court cases

India continues to refine its transfer pricing laws and strengthen compliance enforcement. What should multinational businesses know going into 2017? Keep abreast of the rapidly changing transfer pricing environment in India.

Transfer Pricing
March 8
2 p.m. ET | 19:00 GMT
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Tax accounting and provisions: Current developments and interim reporting complexities

The financial accounting rules applicable to accounting for income taxes in interim periods are different than the rules applicable to annual periods. Tax legislation and standard-setting developments can potentially impact a company's financial accounting and reporting of income taxes in both interim and annual periods. What are the latest changes that may be important to consider and what do you need to know to prepare for the complexities of interim financial reporting? Gain valuable insights on the latest developments and areas of complexity related to interim financial reporting for taxes.

Tax Accounting & Provisions
March 27
2 p.m. ET | 18:00 GMT
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