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Pillar Two: How global tax reform affects multistate tax

Pillar Two is reshaping the perspective on how companies
view their domestic tax profile including the impact state and local tax has on
an organization’s global tax profile. There are several ways state and local
tax practitioners can contribute to the Pillar Two analysis within their
organization. Participants will identify how the latest global tax reform is affected by state and local taxes and how those taxes may affect global planning.

Multistate Tax
December 6
1 p.m. ET
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Executive compensation planning despite uncertainty

Last year, organizations were tasked with approving budgets and executive compensation programs despite continued uncertainty for many. Today, organizations once again are faced with making similar key determinations despite continued volatility from a macroeconomic, geopolitical, and corporate governance perspective. Despite these challenges, adoption of effective reward arrangements, which both motivate and retain key talent, is crucial to successful delivery of business strategy. Participants will identify the 2023 executive compensation landscape and prepare for the upcoming 2024 planning cycle. 

What to do today to prepare for Pillar Two

The effective date for Pillar Two is rapidly approaching, and companies will need to estimate the effects for financial statements and prepare for compliance requirements. Companies will need to gather the information needed for a Pillar Two tax filing, which may require new processes and/or tools. Participants will be able to describe the current action items needed for Pillar Two readiness. 

International Tax
December 14
2 p.m. ET
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Tax accounting update: Year-end reporting, updates, and other hot topics

Year-end is quickly approaching, and with it, the effective date of Pillar Two. Join our webcast for insights on this and other financial reporting matters – what’s new, and how to prepare for what’s on the horizon. Participants will be able to describe the important developments and explore their potential effects on financial reporting for income taxes.