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Special Edition

Transfer pricing methods: OECD issues new guidance

In June, the OECD released revised guidance on two important transfer pricing topics – application of the transactional profit split method and the approach to hard-to-value intangibles. What should tax executives know? Participants will gain insights on the new OECD guidance and how it might impact their multinational organizations.

Transfer Pricing
August 14
11 a.m ET | 15:00 GMT
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Special Edition

Section 199A proposed regulations: Important considerations

On August 8, the Treasury Department and the IRS released proposed regulations under section 199A regarding the 20-percent deduction for qualified business income (QBI) from partnerships, S corporations, and sole proprietorships. What do taxpayers need to know? Participants will gain important insights into the proposed regulations under Section 199A and a practical understanding of the calculations required for compliance.

Tax Reform
August 28
2 p.m. ET | 18:00 GMT
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Tax data management: New approaches for growing demands

Data management for tax historically has been a manually intensive process that has relied on basic spreadsheet and database technologies. Today’s data requirements from tax authorities and other stakeholders demand a new, more mature methodology. Participants will gain valuable insights on the evolution of data management technologies for tax departments and how those technologies can be used to advance their organizations’ tax data management strategy.

Tax Operations
August 23
2 p.m. ET | 18:00 GMT
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US tax reform, SAB 118, recent developments, and key takeaways

As companies continue to identify potential tax reporting impacts of US tax reform and period adjustments under the SEC’s staff Accounting Bulletin No. 118 (SAB 118), many could benefit from recent lessons learned and associated issues. What financial reporting matters could be important in calendar Q3 and approaching year-end 2018? Participants will gain valuable insights on tax reform, recent developments, and possible impacts on financial reporting for taxes.

Tax Accounting & Provisions
September 4
2 p.m. ET | 18:00 GMT
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2018 global mobility trends: Adapting to a changing landscape

Disruptive new digital technologies are requiring organizations’ mobility and talent functions to revamp their approach to workforce management and career models. How are companies creating more valuable end-to-end mobility experiences? Participants will gain insights on how to better leverage talent mobility by using technology, analytics, and employee data as strategic enablers of the business.

Global Mobility, Talent, & Rewards
September 5
2 p.m. ET | 18:00 GMT
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State income and franchise tax update: A look at 2018 so far

As corporate taxpayers near the end of the calendar year, state tax developments—including new legislation—become the subject of increased attention. What recent changes should you know about? Participants will gain up-to-date insights on recent legislative, regulatory, and judicial developments that may impact companies as the end of 2018 approaches.

Multistate Tax
September 21
1 p.m. ET | 17:00 GMT
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