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Fraud, Waste and Abuse in the Age of AI

Program Integrity - Creating an AI-Driven Model for Success

Fraud, Waste and Abuse in the Age of AI is a video series intended to provide you with strategic insight on how to maximize the value of your facilities, assets, business assurance, and products.

As industries adjust their strategies to a digital-first world, players are reshaping their payment management approaches to drive efficiency with ai in risk management and increase effectiveness in identifying emerging fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA) trends.

AI and data continue to be critical components to address scams and FWA.

  • How can leaders use AI and other emerging technologies to uphold program integrity across operational, risk, and compliance programs?

This presentation will explore the value of leveraging AI to bring integrity to medical claims processing; leading practices to capitalize on new data sources and AI to address warranty claims management, waste, and abuse; and ways to use AI to mitigate payment risks and procurement fraud including account takeover and business email compromise (BEC) across all industries.

Watch the replay of the Program integrity session presented by the Deloitte AI Institute

This insightful session featured moderator Derek Snaidauf, Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory Principal, who was joined by panelists Libby Robb, Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory Principal, Dan Olson, Vice President, Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory, and Brian Merrill, Managing Director, Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory.

Fraud, Waste and Abuse in the Age of AI

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