Using safety data to improve patient outcomes

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​Pharmacovigilance (PV) organizations can—and should—use safety data derived across the product lifecycle to help maintain compliance, make critical decisions, and manage competing demands while delivering on their number one priority: To improve patient outcomes. Take three minutes to learn to learn how safety data can help improve patient outcomes.

Detecting and preventing safety-related issues

In the effort to improve patient outcomes, one of the most valuable assets is the growing mass of product-related and safety data. Unfortunately, tapping this wealth of information is often hampered by obstacles, such as cobbled-together processes, isolated data “islands,” and siloed technologies.

What’s needed is a solution that integrates technologies, processes, and talent—plus traditional and “real world” data sources—to detect, assess, understand, and help prevent safety-related issues while uncovering benefits that can improve patient outcomes.

How can you apply analytics to safety data to improve patient outcomes?

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Gaining more insights from safety data

As a health safety organization, you should make your existing capabilities more effective and productive, but that’s only the beginning. You also should consider building a foundation that integrates and interprets all safety data, both from existing internal/traditional sources, as well as “real world” sources.

Many leading organizations are consolidating their fragmented systems and data on a scalable, evidence-based analytic platform that enables them to be compliant, consistent, and efficient while gaining advantage from previously hidden insights that can help improve patient outcomes.

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“Improve the quality of safety data at the start of the process to help streamline processing and improve signal detection and evaluation".

Enhancing pharmacovigilance with insight

Insight-driven pharmacovigilance organizations are applying analytics to safety data at every turn to inform the business and help prevent safety-related issues:

Increase understanding of true safety profiles: Analyze and act on the full landscape of safety-related data by bringing all these data sources together on one unified platform with an advanced retrospective, predictive, and prescriptive analytics tools leading to more accurate and in-depth safety insights.

Improve decision-making and embed intelligence across the safety process: Incorporate insights, retrospective and prescriptive analysis, and decision recommendations at every stage of the process. Predict and remediate compliance issues before they occur. Uncover and evaluate insights and potential signals in the data that were difficult—or impossible—to identify before, and resolve critical business issues at scale. Collaborate with colleagues using a single source of truth.

Streamline processes and improve quality: Automate key stages of the safety process from intake through processing by leveraging existing safety data, new real-world sources, and supervised and unsupervised machine learning to meet the growing scale of safety AEs. Understand and address the root causes of issues in your compliance metrics. Improve the quality of safety data at the start of the process to help streamline processing and improve signal detection and evaluation.

Empower the team to focus on high-value activities: Technology alone isn’t the answer to more efficient safety operations; a close study of processes and people is also needed. Identify ways to eliminate, automate, and simplify operations to help increase compliance, improve productivity, and shift resources from case processing to safety analysis and insight.

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ConvergeHEALTH Safety: Evidence-based analytic platform

Looking for ways to respond to the changing landscape of drug safety and pharmacovigilance requirements?

ConvergeHEALTH Safety is designed to help Life Sciences organizations proactively and cost-effectively address the enormous changes taking place in the healthcare ecosystem.  ConvergeHEALTH Safety integrates technologies, processes, and talent to detect, assess, understand, and help prevent safety-related issues.

Learn more about ConvergeHEALTH Safety to gain an advantage by uncovering previously hidden insights into safety data, at approximately 80 percent less cost than traditional analytics and reporting solutions.

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Learn more about Safety Analytics

​Sometimes one cup isn’t enough. If you have a little more time, learn more about achieving an insight-driven advantage with analytics.

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