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Webinar: Society in the loop artificial intelligence

Autonomous vehicles and beyond

Technology advances are reshaping business and society at a dizzying clip. Cognitive or artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and process automation, big data, digital transformation, and the Internet of Things are changing the way we work, think, and live. Leaders in the business and science community are challenged to measure and infuse societal pressures into the design of autonomous systems.

Webinar overview

This webinar discussed AI trends and topics of interest, including:

  • Recent advances in AI and what they can mean to your organization
  • How human-centered design relates to AI
  • Designing AI systems in ways that reflect societal preferences and norms
  • Iyad’s recent work crowdsourcing beliefs about what autonomous vehicles should do in life-or-death decisions, drawing on his research collecting 25 million decisions from people worldwide

Featured speaker: Iyad Rahwan, associate professor of media arts and sciences, MIT Media Lab

Host: Jim Guszcza, chief data scientist, Deloitte Consulting LLP

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Webinar series on data science, artificial intelligence, and design thinking

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