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Many finance organizations are expanding their data analytics capabilities to include predictive and prescriptive analytics to help them deliver smarter insights, from price optimization to margin analysis to new product forecasting. Read how some leading organizations are going even further, exploring new analytical and cognitive technologies and assuming leadership for advanced analytics initiatives across the company.

Finance insights

Digital finance: Avoiding the pitfalls of moving to the cloud
In this issue of CFO Insights, we outline the potential opportunities presented by the cloud and pose a series of questions that CFOs should ask to avoid the pitfalls.
Analytics: Five skills that can help finance soar
In this issue of CFO Insights, we outline the skills required to move beyond the realm of descriptive analytics and help chart a course for identifying, acquiring, and developing that talent.
Crunch time: Finance in a digital world: Finance technology for CFOs
From cloud computing and robotics to analytics, artificial intelligence and automation, a new class of digital disruptors is transforming how business gets done. Expect these disruptors to have a big impact on the future of finance organizations. But what exactly will their impact be? What is the future of finance in the face of these developments?
Effecting behavior change in a world of automated financial advisors
Automated financial advisors can offer unbiased, data-based advice, but humans, often less than rational in their actions, require some behavioral science interventions to ensure they make the best use of it. Which is probably why some traditional investment firms are both adopting robo-advice and preserving a human role for behavioral interventions.
The currency of disruption
By speeding transactions and allowing for the near-anonymity of its users, Bitcoin has emerged as a de-facto cryptocurrency. But analytics can help mine additional value from Bitcoin by identifying patterns and unearthing unethical or illegal activity, according to Deloitte’s Prakash Santhana, Devaka Viraj Yasaratne, and Cliff Lou.
Capitalizing on the promise—and the power—of the Internet of Things
For CFOs, understanding the Internet of Things (IoT) and developing a point of view regarding its potential ramifications is essential. In this issue of CFO Insights, we will examine how the IoT can influence business models both in terms of cost saving and asset efficiency and in driving top-line growth.
As cyberthreats mount, internal audit can help play defense
With the threat of cyber incidents increasing, many audit committees and boards have set an expectation for internal audit to assess the organization’s capabilities of managing the associated risks. A first step in meeting this expectation is for internal audit to conduct a cyber risk assessment and distill the findings into a concise report for the audit committee and board, which can provide the basis for a risk-based, multiyear internal audit plan to help manage cyber risks.
CFO analytics
CFOs are expected to provide valuable, hands-on partnering with their peers in the business, beyond their ability to provide standard financial reports year after year. Meanwhile, many finance organizations were built to deliver information rather than insight. That’s one reason so many CFOs are turning to business analytics.
How CFOs can own analytics
Leading analytics to support operational decision-making requires a high-level commitment to shift the organization from a historical perspective to a forward-looking perspective.
Insurance CFO as strategic partner
Today, the role of the CFO is under greater scrutiny than ever before. While CFOs are well-positioned to drive additional value across the enterprise, many are challenged with reporting requirements, cost containment, and risk management.
Life and Annuity Insurance: Step up or be sidelined
To survive and thrive, finance chiefs must address business challenges by championing and leveraging the unique lens analytics provides. As an enterprise’s analytical sophistication increases, its perspective evolves methodically from hindsight to insight to foresight. Along with prolific web, mobile, and social platforms come opportunities to uncover insight about customer behavior, reveal trends, and optimize the decision-making process.

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