Deloitte Resources 2016 Study

Our annual survey finds both US residential consumers and businesses remain steadfast in their commitment to reducing their energy consumption, even as persistently low energy prices give them less motivation to do so from a financial perspective.


Power insight

Utilities must address the challenges of an increasingly competitive and heavily regulated environment in a structured and strategic fashion.

Case studies

Weathering the storms

​Deloitte helped a mid-size electric and gas retail and distribution utility adopt a more data-driven philosophy toward T&D operations.


Business Analytics Insights

Energy and Resources

The energy industry is facing complex challenges stemming from regulatory scrutiny, consolidation, and political uncertainty in many oil-producing regions. Opportunities to enhance revenue and control costs abound, powered by changing consumer expectations, the rise of smart technologies, and improvements in domestic production. By applying advanced analytics to gain new insights, organizations can better leverage processes, technology, talent, and information to bolster performance.

Optimizing oil and gas

Oil & Gas Analytics

The oil and gas industry is known for its ability to successfully navigate within a complex and rapidly changing environment. Today, these growing complexities include the influx of big data—how to capture it, what to do with it, and how to extract the insights that matter.


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Analytics in Power & Utilities

The cost to produce electric supply is increasing. Consumption is slowing—maybe even declining. The result? The net cost to produce each kilowatt hour sold is climbing—and that leaves utilities in a tight spot. A smarter approach is needed to effectively navigate this environment. Analytics can help.

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Deloitte Analytics

Whether you’re pursuing a far-reaching initiative or implementing smaller business analytics programs, we can help you achieve the insight-driven advantage.


Analytics in Power & Utilities

Driving performance through power insight.

Charles Dean

Managing Director and Leader, Retail and Analytics


2016 Deloitte Oil & Gas Conference

Join us for this year’s Deloitte Oil & Gas Conference to gain more insight into the future of oil and gas.


Drilling and Completions Analytics Toolset (DCAT)

Deloitte’s DCAT allows Oil & Gas companies to quickly assess and benchmark on how their costs and performance stack up against the competition.


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