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Smarter insights with Energy & Resources data analytics

Analytics perspectives and solutions

New technologies—from smart sensors and IoT to cognitive—are changing the operational and financial dynamics for energy and resources companies. By leveraging big data collected from engineering, geological, production, and equipment sources, O&G, utilities, and renewable energy companies are gaining smarter insights leading to improved forecasting, reduced costs, and stronger outcomes.

Analytics Insights for Energy & Resources

us-bridge-towers.jpeg (100×100) Energy Regulatory Outlook 2017
Explore the top energy regulatory trends that will impact the market—to help you navigate the year ahead.
us-man-machinary.jpeg (100×100) An integrated approach to combat cyber risk
Critical infrastructure relies on industrial control systems (ICS) to maintain safe and reliable operations. Making operational processes secure, vigilant, and resilient is a challenge and requires oil and gas companies to harmonize and align two cultures: engineering and IT.
us-hightension-pole .jpeg (100×100) The power is on: How IoT technology is driving energy innovation
As conservation efforts and alternative energy ramp up, electric utilities can no longer count on customers using more and more power. How to survive? With a new focus on efficiency and cost control, based on technology—particularly Internet of Things applications.
us-industries-technology.jpeg (100×100) Disruption in the power and utilities sector
No matter where you sit in the value chain, the message is clear. Surviving and thriving in a rapidly changing power and utilities sector isn’t simply about the importance of demand and new fuel sources, or about regulatory or societal pressures. It’s about envisioning different futures, understanding trends and uncertainties, considering the implications for underlying assumptions in the strategy and the business model, developing monitoring capabilities, and then responding accordingly when disruptions have the potential to upend core beliefs.
us-fuel-meter.jpeg (100×100) Deciphering third-party business risk in a period of weak commodity prices
Across the oil and gas industry, many companies are buckling under the steep decline in commodity prices. Forty-two companies filed for bankruptcy in 2015. And with oil prices hovering near 10-year lows, that number could potentially quadruple this year.
us-atomic-galaxy-dots.jpeg (100×100) The arc of innovation in the oil and gas industry
The oil and gas business has a rich history of continuous innovative and technological advances, across the value chain, that have enabled the development of new and challenging resource types and given the ability to respond to customer needs, all while continually improving safety and environmental performance. This research series uses the US patent database to tell the story of oil and gas innovation.

Driving the Digital Oil & Gas Organization

Innovation is ingrained in the oil & gas industry's DNA, as evidenced by its long history of technological and engineering advances. Today, the deep integration of digital technologies – which enable companies to produce more oil faster, safer, and at a lower cost – provides a multi-billion-dollar opportunity to improve organizational performance and results. Read more.

2017 cognitive technologies survey

Early adopters speak out on cognitive and AI
What do the most aggressive adopters of AI and cognitive technologies report based on their efforts to date? On everything from the impact on jobs to their specific goals and exactly which technologies they're using and much more, 250 leaders shared their views on this important business development just as it takes hold in the broader business world.

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