Health and Human Services Disposition Analytics


Health and Human Services Disposition Analytics

Increase accuracy with interactions at just the right time

Electronic interactions with state agencies have simplified processing efforts for the better, but it’s not always perfect. Because personal interactions aren’t as frequent, accuracy can suffer, errors can increase, and engagement can drop off, creating a negative impact on workload, outcomes, and timeliness. Deloitte helps state agencies by personalizing the interaction with timely, specific, and informative messages targeted to the individual. The difference? Our solution takes a proactive stance toward program success versus a reactive, rules-based approach to what went awry in the past.

Using interactions to nudge toward the right result

There are a lot of ways to identify errors in information after they’ve happened. It’s time to start preventing them before they occur. No matter how good a process is, customers don’t always know what to do or when to provide the information.

Data-driven messaging, educational insights, and timely reminders can go a long way in helping both customers and providers deliver more accurate information to state agencies. This structured guidance can help prevent the errors that create unnecessary workloads and delay benefits and services.

By nudging customers with a text to report a potential job change for example, state agencies may get more timely information of a person’s status. By nudging customers via in-line messages to report unearned income as part of the recertification process, state agencies may get a more accurate response.

Decision-making gets easier with added insight

Smarter messages can also assist state agency staff. State agency staff often don’t have the bandwidth to physically look at historical case data and pick up on patterns or inconsistencies.

Giving staff in-line guidance during case processing is valuable information for a worker to have. These real-time insights can be designed to highlight cases that may be more prone to issues, giving state agency staff the information they need to make sound decisions.

How HHS Dispostion Analytics helps agencies take preventive steps towards better benefit reporting

State agencies want to deter issues, but they also want to make sure people who are eligible receive their benefits. It’s challenging to keep up with the latest regulations whether you are a customer or a staff member. There is often subjectivity that is based on an individual’s experience that can lead to variability in providing or processing case information. The easier we can make the process via smarter messaging, the better the result will likely be. Taking preventive steps can save time, encourage engagement, and increase accuracy.

With Deloitte’s Health and Human Services Disposition Analytics personalized solution, you can:

  • Nudge a person with a communication prompt at the right time for more accurate results.
  • Deliver personalized, detailed insights on individuals, and providers to state agency staff on every case so conclusions become crystal clear.
  • Eliminate as much subjectivity out of the process as possible.
  • Get the right processes and mechanisms in place to separate high-risk cases from the low risk.
  • Mitigate potential issues before they happen.
  • Provide real-time analysis that can aid in a staff member’s decision-making.
  • Reduce a staff member’s learning curve and time spent in a classroom receiving training.

Success Story: New Mexico is using nudges to drive accuracy

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What if a customer service worker was provided with guided questions designed to get current, accurate information when the client calls to report an update? Their job gets easier. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know if a provider has a history of extending the stay for customers needing emergency shelter assistance when reviewing their claims?

Why choose Deloitte?

The uniqueness of Deloitte’s Health and Human Services Disposition Analytics solution is in the real-time nature of it and the personalized insights that are generated and served up to assist in the moment when they are needed most. Many solutions are one-size-fits-all. They are rules-based (if x, then y) and take a reactive look at issues and errors that have already been created. Yet every case is unique. Our solution is personalized not just to your specific program, but draws up insights for each specific case. We’ll help:

  • Enhance program performance
  • Track metrics around accuracy and timeliness
  • Increase accountability, ownership, and self-sufficiency

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While tried and true methods for error detection are generally effective, state agencies should turn their attention to education and prevention techniques, using engagement and guidance to sift out inaccuracies before they happen. Health & Human Services Disposition Analytics can help increase program accuracy and timeliness—that could result in reduced workload for agency staff.

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