Dynamic Review


Dynamic Review

A fresh take on document review

​As the volume of electronically stored information increases at an exponential rate, many organizations are looking for new ways to manage document review and rein in escalating costs. Meanwhile, advanced analytics techniques such as predictive coding are opening the door to new opportunities for corporate legal departments, government agencies and outside counsel looking to make sense of this growing mountain of information.

Analytics capabilities allow organizations to move beyond traditional, linear review methodologies, gaining more insights in near real time to inform timely decisions. That’s what Dynamic Review can enable. We use a multilayer approach to document review, powered by text categorization that can provide users with a deeper understanding of the makeup of a review population. Just as important, this approach offers validation that helps support transparency and defensibility through supplemental insights. The result? A more efficient workflow that can reveal insights on the growing volume and velocity of review data sets.

Smarter reviews, sharper insights
Dynamic Review employs a layered approach of filtering, analytics, text categorization and validation to inform decision-making, leading to better, more informed document review decisions. Using results and recommendations, users are able to better organize and prioritize reviews, enhance quality control, further reduce the document population, and allocate resources more effectively.

For attorneys and other legal professionals, Dynamic Review allows them to focus their energies on the more useful documents, reducing the total time and cost associated with eDiscovery and litigation. These analytics tools can help your attorneys present a defense that is more effective, transparent and insightful.

Bottom-line benefits
Deloitte’s Dynamic Review can provide a host of advantages to organizations looking to make smarter decisions using data-driven insights. Here are a few of the benefits clients tell us they find valuable:

  • Reduce the number of documents requiring human review—by up to 90 percent in some cases
  • Reduce document review cost
  • Make more strategic and effective review decisions earlier in the process
  • Understand the data set makeup more efficiently
  • Improve organizational confidence and risk management
  • Manage resources more effectively
  • Strengthen defensibility with statistical support

Dynamic Review in action
When a client needed to respond to breach of contract litigation on a tight deadline, the company faced a mountain of documents collected from its multiple subsidiaries. The team needed a way to decrease the review volume, focusing only on the relevant documents. Using Dynamic Review, our client was able to score documents for responsiveness, as well as privileges, redactions and issue codes. Using sample documents reviewed by counsel, our analytics team used a model for scoring the responsiveness of all documents and identifying key documents early in the process. In the end, more than 780,000 documents were reviewed and more than 315,000 were produced—all by the aggressive deadline and within budget. Just as important, the client achieved review rates equivalent to 250 documents per reviewer per hour. This client estimates the resulting cost savings at 60 percent compared to the linear review processes on which they traditionally relied.

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