Predictive Project Analytics Solution

A new approach for delivering results

​ A major capital project may accelerate—or sidetrack—a leader’s career. Does the completed project meet stakeholders’ expectations? Come in on time and on budget? Add value to the organization? Unfortunately, research shows that more than 60 percent of companies have experienced project failure. And that number is likely to increase as project complexity escalates with increased regulation, stakeholder scrutiny, globalization, technology leaps, and more.

Next generation project management

Deloitte’s Predictive Project Analytics (PPA) significantly enhances the effectiveness of traditional project management tools. We leverage advanced analytics to evaluate the likelihood that a project will be successful—followed with practical and actionable advice. Deloitte’s professionals bring a deep understanding of project management challenges and opportunities combined with deep industry knowledge. Our team provides objective insights and enhanced capabilities to help project leaders address potential problems before they materialize so they can deliver more value to the organization.


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Bottom-line benefits

Deloitte’s Predictive Project Analytics provides new insights that allow leaders to shift from dealing with project crises to focusing on enhancing project performance. As a result, project leaders gain new capabilities that help:

  • Protect project investments
  • Reduce and contain project costs
  • Increase likelihood of meeting project goals, including cost, time, and quality goals
  • Move projects back on track
  • Improve project organization and project management practices
  • Reduce risk by helping managers anticipate possible project problems before they occur

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