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Tax treatment of capital gains foreign exchange cash repatriation

Gaston Quignon, Partner, Deloitte Tax LLP

The Argentinean Dash presentation will give an update of recent tax introduced regarding capital gain tax and other relevant topics to be aware when doing business in Argentina. (Dash time – 9:10)

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Recent legislative developments and outbound financing opportunities

Julian Cheng, Client Service Executive, Deloitte Tax LLP

The Australian Dash session will provide an update on the recent tax legislative developments in Australia affecting multinational groups. In addition, proposed changes to Australia’s thin capitalization rules and outbound financing opportunities arising from proposed changes to Australia’s participation exemption will also be discussed. (Dash time – 8:00)

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Overview of R&D and IP incentives for MNEs

Mieke Van Zandweghe, Director, Deloitte Tax LLP

The Belgian Dash presentation covers an overview of the available incentives in Belgium for multinationals that develop or commercialize R&D and IP as well as a few practice examples of structuring that is commonly relied on in Belgium. (Dash time – 10:15)

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Tax Update

Karina RoiukSenior Manager, Deloitte Tax LLP

Recent tax developments in Brazil - The Provisional Measure No. 627/13 introduced relevant changes to the country’s tax rules, including the clarification on the rules of goodwill amortization. We will be discussing this main change during the dash presentation. (Dash time – 5:30)

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Canadian treaty shopping proposals and other 2014 budget updates

Alex Smith, Partner, Deloitte Tax LLP

The Canadian Dash presentation will provide an overview of significant 2014 federal budget changes impacting Canadian international tax. The changes include an expansion to the thin capital limitation and a framework for a Canadian domestic treaty shopping provision. (Dash time – 8:05)

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Chile: Tax Reform Enacted

Regina Scherzer, Director, Deloitte Tax LLP

This Chile Dash presentation is on the sweeping Tax Reform enacted by Chile on 29.09.2014 and how it affects foreign investors. The reform increases tax rates, introduces a dual tax system and operates important changes to direct and indirect taxes. (Dash Time – 7:00).

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Keeping you up to date on enacted tax law changes 2014

Regina Scherzer, Director, Deloitte Tax LLP

This Chile Dash presentation is on the recent developments in Chile – keeping you up to date on recent 2014 enacted tax law changes. (Dash time – 8:20)

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2014 China Tax and Regulatory Update: Changing Environment

Sharon Chow, Director, Deloitte Tax LLP

The China Dash presentation is on the recent developments in China – keeping you up to date on the recent changes to the Chinese indirect tax law and the company law, the new focus of the Chinese tax examination as well as the upcoming guidance relating to the indirect transfer of a Chinese investment. (Dash time – 7:30)

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French Financial law for 2015 and other recent developments impacting corporations

Pierre-Henri Revault, Partner, Deloitte Tax LLP
Juliette Hans, Manager, Deloitte Tax LLP

In this Dash, two members of our French desk outline the most important changes to French corporate tax laws introduced by the Finance Bills enacted at the end of 2014. Several of these changes already apply to the determination of taxes due in relation to 2014. (Dash time – 7:25)

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Hot topics in German transfer pricing

Andreas Maywald, Client Service Executive, Deloitte Tax LLP

This part of the Dash update series will show the current German transfer pricing trends and describe the most common transfer pricing topics that are currently see in tax audits in Germany. (Dash time – 7:00)

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India Budget 2014 - Key Direct Tax Changes

Promod Batra, Client Service Executive, Deloitte Tax LLP

The India Dash update will discuss the key tax changes made by the Budget 2014 that received the assent of President of India on August 6, 2014. (Dash time – 10:05)

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Ireland: Finance Act 2014 and other legislative updates for US Multinationals

Daryl Hanberry, Director, Deloitte Tax LLP

The Ireland Dash presentation provides an overview of some of Ireland’s tax structures and keeps you up to date on the changes to these arrangements introduced by Finance Act 2014. (Dash time – 9:35)

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2014 tax reform and other updates

Linda Ng, Director, Deloitte Tax LLP

The Japan Dash update will discuss Japan's 2014 Tax Reform and other recent developments, including a corporate tax cut, new tax incentives, a consumption tax hike and an expected major change in the consumption tax treatment of cross-border e-commerce transactions. (Dash time – 8:50)

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Luxembourg physical zero cash pool: A closer look

Thierry Bovier, Client Service Executive, Deloitte Tax LLP

The Luxembourg Dash presentation provides an overview of one of the various cash management strategies that you can implement in Luxembourg, namely the Luxembourg physical zero cash pool. (Dash time – 9:00)

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2014 Maquila tax reform

Cesar Martinez, Senior Manager, Deloitte Tax LLP

Analysis of recent tax reform effects to maquiladora operations in Mexico, discussion on new tax requirements and obligations and the challenges to manage the effects the tax reform. (Dash time – 7:40)

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R&D Tax Incentives

Pie Geelen, Director, Deloitte Tax LLP

The Dutch Dash presentation is on the Dutch Research & Development tax incentives currently available in the Netherlands. (Dash time – 7:40)

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Hot issues associated with calculating interest on intragroup financing

Ana Bandini, Director, Deloitte Tax LLP

The Peru Dash presentation is focused on key aspects that any foreign investor must be aware of regarding the scope of application of Peruvian transfer pricing provisions on intragroup loans, with an emphasis on the changes that took place in this area since fiscal year 2013. (Dash time – 8:55)

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Recent developments in Singapore – Keeping you up to date

Li Mei Liew, Senior Manager, Deloitte & Touche LLP

The Singapore DASH presentation is on the recent developments in Singapore – keeping you up to date on the recent 2014 Singapore budget changes, the changes to the stamp duty relief rules and Singapore– s new treaties and protocols signed in the last year. (Dash time – 9:40)

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Corporate Tax Reform III: Draft Legislation Published

Diego Weder, Senior Manager, Deloitte Tax LLP

This Switzerland Dash presentation is on the draft legislation of the Swiss Corporate Tax Reform III published by the Swiss Government on September 22, 2014 – it informs you about the proposed changes and measures which would allow Switzerland to become even more attractive in particular as a holding, financing and patented IP location for multinationals. (Dash time – 10:20)

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UK Budget 2014 - Key measures for businesses

Greg Dalziel, Senior Manager, Deloitte Tax LLP

The latest UK Dash presentation will provide an overview of the 2014 UK Budget and the key measures of interest to US businesses investing into the UK. (Dash time – 9:30)

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Global Indirect Tax Trends: Opportunities, Risks and Leading Practices

Nehal Radia, Senior Manager, Deloitte Tax LLP

This Dash recording covers some of the key indirect tax - mainly VAT/GST - opportunities and risks that we are seeing in the global marketplace today. It examines tax payer and tax authority trends and provides tips on how US based global multinationals can get their VAT 'house' in order, making use of technology and other leading practices. (Dash time – 11:20)

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