2015 report on America’s economic engine

A mid-market perspectives report

While US mid-market executives’ confidence in the economy remains high, their companies are moderating investments and making deliberate tactical adjustments to help drive success.

Infographic: Highlights of survey findings

2015 report on America’s economic engine

The findings in our latest survey show how mid-market companies are tempering investments in hiring and capital expenditures and shifting their focus to internal funding for productivity-enhancing technologies and increased compensation.

These tactical adjustments are in part predicated on new market pressures, such as increased voluntary attrition, that are also raising the stakes for employers. As mid-market companies take on these challenges, trust will be a major ingredient for success.

Among the key findings (compared to our fall 2014 survey):

  • Confidence in the mid-market is high, as 87 percent of executives—compared to 85 percent in our fall survey—say they are confident in the success of their own company in the next 12 months.
  • Technologies such as cloud computing (58 percent vs. 46 percent), data analytics (53 percent vs. 40 percent), and automation of business processes (43 percent vs. 24 percent) are all expected to get additional funding in the next 12 months.
  • A growing number of mid-market executives (32 percent vs. 23 percent) plan to increase compensation in the coming year; more than half (56 percent) highlight training as a top talent priority.

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Practical considerations for mid-market executives

About this survey​

From April 7 to April 16, 2015, a Deloitte survey conducted by OnResearch, a market research firm, polled 525 executives at US mid-sized companies about their expectations, experiences and plans for becoming more competitive in the current economic environment. Respondents were limited to executives at mid-market companies with annual revenues between $50 million and $1 billion.

Seventy-five percent of the companies represented were privately held; 25 percent were public. Of the private companies, 36 percent were family-owned and 28 percent were closely (non-family) held; 36 percent were private equity or VC-backed or had other ownership structures.

2015 report on America’s economic engine
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