Cast and crew: Securing and managing talent


Cast and crew: Securing and managing talent

Global considerations for mid-market companies

Expanding into global markets can offer companies of every size opportunities to diversify their operations, reach new customers, and tap into new sources of materials and talent. The articles in this series focus on international expansion issues that mid-market companies should address as they consider growing globally.

Cast and crew: Securing and managing talent

If your company is planning or considering global expansion, talent management will be a critical component in the way your organization reaches across borders—and a key determinant of the value it brings home.

In attracting the local talent you want, job profiles and hiring criteria should satisfy both global standards and local realities. Every location has an established labor ecosystem that is part legal, part contractual, and part cultural. Once you have identified your workforce, you will have to satisfy the formal and informal requirements that apply there.

Finally, after your overseas expansion team answers the many initial questions that involve talent, the company will need to keep its workforce effective for the long haul. People may expect, and respond to, different approaches to learning and development from the ones you’ve used at home.

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