Podcast series: Intelligent Mining  

What are the latest trends, opportunities, and challenges facing the Mining & Metals sector?

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Value beyond compliance in the wake of COVID-19 and the impact on the mining sector

An interview with Andrew Lane

It comes with a significant dilemma around responsibilities to society and employees while at the same time keeping the business alive.

While mining companies have taken strides to uplift communities and deliver shared value, they have been battling to move beyond conventional "tick-box" compliance exercises–a key aspect highlighted in our report, Value Beyond Compliance: A new paradigm to create shared value for mines, communities and government. Today, as the COVID-19 crisis is rapidly evolving, placing unprecedented pressure on communities across the globe, this issue is certainly more topical than ever.

In this podcast, Andrew Swart, Mining & Metals leader, Deloitte Global; Andrew Lane, Mining & Metals leader, Deloitte Africa; Patrícia Muricy, Mining & Metals leader, Deloitte Brazil; and Henry Stoch, Sustainability and Climate Change leader, Deloitte Canada, share their views on how COVID-19 is playing out in the mining sector across geographies, concerns around protecting the health of workers while keeping businesses alive, and the best way of working in the wake of this new normal.

Read the full report: Value Beyond Compliance

Mining trends 2019: Forces of disruption in the mining sector

Interview with Andrew Swart

The mining industry is changing faster than ever, resulting in both greater growth potential, as well as more disruption and volatility than in years past.

In this episode of the Dig Deep PodcastRob Tyson, Founder and Director of Mining International Ltd. interviews Andrew Swart, Deloitte’s Global Mining & Metals leader and briefly discusses the key trends affecting the mining industry in 2019.

Read the full report: Tracking the trends 2019

The future of mining with wearables

Interview with Andrew Swart

If things do go wrong then wearables can aid in the location of workers for search and rescue teams.

In this podcast with Dig Deep, Rob Tyson, Founder and Director of Mining International Ltd. interviews Andrew Swart, Deloitte’s Global Mining & Metals leader about how wearables are boosting worker safety and productivity in the mining sector—key aspects from the latest Deloitte and NORCAT report. They also discuss some interesting considerations around wearables and the challenges around implementation and scaling the technology.

Read the full report: Future of mining with wearables: Harnessing the hype to improve safety

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