Deloitte Energy, Resources & Industrials Conferences and Training Seminars

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Deloitte's Energy, Resources & Industrials practice takes pride in the number of high-quality conferences and training seminars delivered to thousands of clients and other energy industry participants over many years. Learn more about the wide selection of eminent industry events below.

Energy, Resources & Industrials Energy programs

We encourage you to email us for more information and to obtain reports from prior conferences. For a summary of all upcoming events, please click the links below to learn more and register.

  • Deloitte Renewable Energy Seminar: October 2-4, 2019

    The Deloitte Renewable Energy Seminar focuses on the unique business, tax, and accounting issues affecting companies operating or investing in the renewable energy sector. Plenary sessions will examine the future of renewable energy and the challenges and opportunities the sector faces. Elective sessions allow participants to delve into unique business and technical issues.
  • Deloitte Oil & Gas Conference: To be announced

    Deloitte is dedicated to providing clients and the oil and gas industry with insights on emerging topics by hosting energy executives, political leaders, investors, and industry analysts for an in-depth view of key developments and challenges facing today’s global and domestic energy markets. During this one-day event, participants will hear from a cross section of energy industry speakers on important issues shaping the oil and gas industry.
  • Deloitte Power & Utilities Fall Seminar: To be announced

    The Deloitte Power & Utilities Fall Seminar focuses on learning and discussing the latest information on technical accounting and tax issues designed to help you prepare for year-end accounting and reporting requirements, as well as the evolving role of controllership in the power and utility industry. During day one of the Deloitte Power & Utilities Fall Seminars, Deloitte’s energy specialists focus on industry technical accounting and tax issues to assist participants in preparing for calendar year-end accounting, reporting, and tax requirements. Day two of the seminar is tailored towards energy accounting professionals, including those charged with responsibilities over finance, accounting and reporting.

Training seminars

Our training seminars and conferences have provided useful and timely knowledge to over 10,000 participants. The learning programs are custom-designed to anticipate the current needs and interests of energy industry personnel. These seminars are conducted solely at the request of the organization and are sponsored by the organization.


Deloitte’s Energy, Resources & Industrials Dbriefs Webcasts feature specialist-led discussions focused on critical and timely issues that affect your business.

Industry specific Dbriefs Webcasts include:

For more information on additional Deloitte Dbriefs Webcasts:


Power & Utilities quarterly accounting updates

Prepared by Deloitte & Touche LLP’s Energy, Resources & Industrials group, this Quarterly Accounting Update webcast will focus on the power and utilities sector technical accounting and regulatory issues presented by Deloitte specialists and thought leaders. Webcast participants will be able to gain an understanding of new accounting rules, and other utility accounting matters, and use this knowledge in preparing for quarterly accounting and reporting requirements.

Find the next Power & Utilities Quarterly Accounting Update Webcast along with other Deloitte events.

Deloitte LLP believes that its public audit clients should obtain audit committee pre-approval for seminar enrollments. If your company is audited by Deloitte LLP, you may enroll in this seminar if you have already obtained, or will obtain, such approval.