Life and Annuity Insurance: Step Up or Be Sidelined


Life and Annuity Insurance: Step Up or Be Sidelined

The CFO’s roles in a challenging marketplace

The life insurance and annuity carrier (L&A) industry is amidst a barrage of pressures on multiple fronts. Since the 2008 financial crisis, scrutiny of the financial industry is at a historical high. Stricter regulations surrounding financial disclosure and reporting, risk assessment, and capital management threaten substantial compliance risks. Insurance companies, specifically, face an uncertain regulatory environment.

The L&A industry has fallen short of US GDP for the past several decades due to prolonged low interest rates, capitally intensive annuities, and healthcare reform’s rising costs.

Beneath the veneer of challenges lie opportunities. To thrive in a complex ecosystem, leaders must galvanize the organization. Enterprises that balance financial viability with the consumer value proposition can stimulate growth and triage risk.

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