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Internal audit future trends and innovation

High-impact areas of focus: Internal audit trends 2019

Internal audit must innovate and evolve if it’s going to fulfill its mission and remain relevant in the future. These 10 trends provide key steps to consider as you plan for 2019 and beyond.

10 internal audit trends for 2019

Among the most significant internal audit future trends to come out of Deloitte’s 2018 global chief audit executive survey is the fact that internal audit groups having the most impact and influence in their organizations also tend to be the most innovative. Not content with doing the same things in the same ways, they learn how to deliver the assurance, advice, and risk anticipation that stakeholders need, when they need it. And they use whatever new methods and technologies are required. This is the only way for internal audit to fulfill its mission and remain relevant as the organization evolves.

Innovation is the theme of “Internal audit insights 2019: High-impact areas of focus;” our look at internal audit trends in 2019. The evolving nature of internal audit work lends itself to new methods enabled by new technologies and new ways of working with stakeholders. Yet too many internal audit groups and leaders are mired in traditional roles and relationships. That can create resistance to new terms, tools, and approaches.

It takes commitment and courage to pursue innovation. As these internal audit trends make clear, that commitment must originate with internal audit leaders, who must then develop the courage to initiate innovative changes—within themselves and within their internal audit groups.

We’ve identified 10 internal audit future trends to consider as you plan your internal audit activities for the year ahead. Download the report and keep in mind that internal audit groups around the world and across all industries are already taking these steps to increase their organizational impact and influence. As a result, they’ve enhanced the value they deliver to stakeholders.

Explore the 10 trends

Download our full 2019 report to learn more about the emerging trends and steps for internal audit to consider.

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