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Long-term disaster recovery planning

Deloitte and the City of Joplin, Missouri

On Sunday, May 22, 2011, Joplin, MO was struck by a catastrophic EFS 5, multiple-vortex tornado wreaking havoc on the small community–taking 161 lives, injuring an estimated 1,150 people, damaging or and destroying 8,000 structures and causing damages totaling $2.8 billion. The tornado that struck Joplin was the costliest and one of the deadliest in US history. City officials looked to Deloitte to help rebuild their community.

Developing a long-term recovery plan

After being struck by what many view as the most costly tornado in US history, the City of Joplin was neither equipped with the staff, nor the experience, to take on the enormous tasks of developing a long-term recovery plan and handling the administration of hundreds of millions of dollars in government funds. Realizing that managing funds required experienced managers and program management services, the City hired Deloitte to help address planning, compliance, oversight, and monitoring of significant recovery activities related to infrastructure, housing, and economic development to utilize $158 million of federal funding effectively.

The below video provides an overview of how the City of Joplin worked with Deloitte to help them rebuild after disaster.

Sam Anselm, City Manager, Joplin, Missouri

“The amount of time Deloitte spent with our city staff–they’re part of the family now.”

Rebuilding after disaster

Disaster recovery is a complex process, with no single agency or authority fully responsible or accountable to assist local areas following a disaster. That responsibility falls squarely on the leaders of the community who are entrusted with guiding the healing process and helping the community recover efficiently and effectively. By understanding the many challenges associated with long-term disaster recovery, developing a recovery plan approach ahead of such an event, and committing to strong program and project control, community leaders and leading stakeholders can be prepared to make vital and effective decisions should disaster strike.

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Developing a long-term recovery program

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