When data gets bigger, analytical tools should scale to new heights. Many projects or business units require efficient financial planning amid ever-evolving business circumstances and regulatory guidelines. Traditional spreadsheet modeling alone cannot keep up with the demands of a growing organization, and other cloud platforms often lack the flexibility needed during driver-based financial forecasting. Producing reliable driver-based business forecasts while maintaining growing data sets from multiple stakeholders is challenging and inefficient. Our latest enterprise financial modeling and analytics platform is here to make things simpler and quicker.


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Key features:

  • Business forecasting: Customizable models provide finance teams with the control and flexibility to rapidly update for business changes in the development of their financial forecasts.
  • Data management and analytics: The flexible and scalable agile data platform manages large “granular” data sets and creates a single source of truth to unlock insights and help reduce risk in data governance and tracking.
  • Collaboration-focused central data platform: It is designed for multi-user input and to integrate with other data sources while reducing risk through enhanced governance.
  • Insight-driven visualizations: Bespoke visualizations create deeper and more helpful insights and facilitate data-driven culture through on-demand reporting.
  • Automated budgeting and reporting: It is tailored to be managed and updated by the company’s finance professionals. It can automate routine analyses or create a bespoke self-serve model while retaining the flexibility to rapidly update for business changes.

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Sample industry use cases


Apex Platform for Renewables

Enable detailed asset, portfolio, and corporate modeling for decision analysis across multiple stakeholders, including tracking and reporting on multiple tax equity structures, partnerships investment analysis, and corporate planning.


Apex Platform for Software as a Service (SaaS)

Centralize detailed data across a portfolio of SaaS products and dynamically build forecasts for your financial statements, ARR, bookings, billings, etc.


Apex Platform for Real Estate

Leverage existing detailed asset-level data to model complex partnership and corporate structures to automate forecasting, reporting, and investment analysis.


Apex Platform for Life Sciences and Health Care

Enables-a detailed planning and decision-analysis across your current and future assets and services to optimize your portfolio and capital outlays.

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