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Cost to Serve Analytics Solution

Better serve your customers, profitably

Understand the hidden costs in your value chain and its impact on your “true cost to serve” your clients. The result? Accelerated profitability management.

Insights and profitability management improvement opportunities

Evolving consumer behaviors are challenging organizations to find a balance between the need to transform and the need to control costs. Our Cost to Serve Analytics Solution provides transparency into the actual cost of servicing customers across different dimensions (products, customers, and channels, etc.). Combining our experience in analytics, cost management consulting, and cost management solutions, our tools are made to connect and inform cost management strategy and drive strategic cost management decisions that align resources efficiently and drive pricing profitability strategies aligned to costs in their service and product mix.

Connect sales, distribution, operations, and finance with the information needed to make strategic decisions around the product mix and services they provide to their customers. Deloitte’s Cost to Serve Analytics Solution gives leaders innovative tools to dynamically drill down into a multitude of dimensions that can optimize their profitability strategies and pricing structures. Once buried in disparate systems, we bring transparency into the variables that drive cost and enable scenario modeling to visualize how small shifts can create dramatically different outcomes.

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Elements of Cost to Serve Analytics

How Deloitte does cost management and profitability management differently

Our Cost to Serve Analytics Solution provides tools that can find rich operational and financial data sets to pinpoint customer-level insights around cost transparency, cost pools, and drivers. Organizations can understand the total overall spend and quickly drill-down into customer specific details. With access to this crucial data, we help organizations with cost management solutions that tackle common problems with a different holistic approach.

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What factors drive the biggest global risks in cost management?

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