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ExaLink services: Embrace contract complexity and accelerate commercial performance

Lead. Navigate. Transform.

Deloitte’s ExaLink services focus on risk mitigation and commercial performance for government pricing and commercial contracts.

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Gain greater access to knowledge, innovation, and risk controls

With Deloitte’s ExaLink services, you can look forward to better contract performance backed by the Deloitte reputation, and powered by a multi-services, hybrid cloud technology platform.

When it comes to managing complex contracts, our subscription and managed services focus on risk mitigation and commercial performance for government pricing and commercial contracts. We offer deep knowledge of the correlation between commercial transactions and government programs, have current relationships with US federal and state authorities and health care payers and providers, and have made a substantial investment in innovation, state-of-the-art technology, and data security.

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Deloitte can help you lead your organization by streamlining systems, processes, and reporting because we understand your commercial contract structures and ongoing software concerns.

ExaLink subscription services offers access to a multi-services, hybrid cloud technology platform for government pricing, commercial contracts, and integrated business insights to help you gain greater insight into your contract performance.

Designed and built by technology engineers, Deloitte has developed a vendor-agnostic technology platform that leverages our pricing and contracts services and integrates them into an environment for a streamlined end-user experience.

ExaLink subscription services:

  • Our technology platform is highly configurable and offers a software developer kit to enable third parties to build applications directly on our platform.
  • We leveraged the latest state-of-the-art technologies and containerized microservice design patterns, as well as an integrated analytics capability and client portal for both desktop and mobile applications.

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Deloitte can help you spend less time navigating your antiquated systems, manual processes, and disparate reporting, by working together to help you solve your contract complexities, resource gaps, and technology limitations.

With ExaLink managed services, you have access to an operations team and a multi-services, hybrid cloud technology platform to support your government programs and commercial contract requirements.

Ultimately, we can help you shift from using systems merely for transaction processing to uncovering unprecedented insights that can transform your business. We can also help you gain a competitive edge in the fast-moving life sciences sector.

Our specialists have first-hand experience with leading practices in government pricing and commercial contracts within the life sciences industry. Leveraging the power of the technology platform, they form an effective extension of your team to help you tackle your complex contract needs.

ExaLink managed services helps provide your staff with:

  • More accurate, up-to-date data
  • Relief from time-consuming data entry
  • Tools to access and analyze the information they need to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently

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Executives and management require access to a broader spectrum of analysis in order to drive commercial performance and better manage customer and vendor relationships.

Integrated Business Insights (IBI):

  • Provides a transformative approach that goes beyond current contract and pricing insights 
  • Allows you to remain in control through a mobile-enabled portal that functions like a control panel and empowers decision makers to be less tactical and more strategic every day
  • The portal puts important information at your fingertips, with the benefits of up-to-date data, minimal wait times, nearly unlimited data scale, and enhanced security
  • The mobile app means that employees can access the data they need via mobile devices

With data security supported by a team of Deloitte cyber security specialists, you can be confident that your data is in good hands. Users can even build a custom dashboard in the client portal to get the information they need most, making IBI a versatile analytics platform across a wide range of roles.

With the power of Deloitte’s ExaLink subscription and managed services and the multi-services, hybrid cloud technology platform, our clients can transform their business and the roles of their employees, enabling leaner processes, better results, and improved compliance.

Look forward to gaining deeper business insights and focusing on your customer and vendor relationships.

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