Battle for Dominance in the M&A Advisory Business

Bulge-brackets vs. the boutiques

What is the future for the M&A advisory business? Read about how bulge-bracket investment banks and boutiques are competing in the evolving M&A advisory space.

In the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisory business, there is an ongoing battle for dominance between bulge-bracket investment banks and boutiques.

Boutiques have been a major competitive force since the 1990s, and in recent years have further boosted both their share of the business and marketplace prominence. While this poses a threat to banks in the established bulge-bracket territory, what is the real impact?

Read this paper to understand the evolution of the M&A advisory competitive landscape, the drivers of change and the implications for boutiques and bulge-bracket banks.

Bankers love battle metaphors, but the industry may be missing one of the biggest fights in years. Read our infographic to learn about the current landscape for the bulge-bracket vs. boutique environment including the opposing forces over time, key success factors and strategies and tactics. 


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