Delivering client value in transaction banking

Re-setting the price-value

How can transaction banking leaders adapt to the "new normal" by reexamining the ways in which value is delivered to corporate clients, better understanding the cost of serving them and building a clearer picture of the profitability of these relationships?

While the transaction banking business enjoyed strong financial results in the early days of the financial crisis, revenues have recently flattened or declined. With increasing costs around technology and compliance, transaction banking leaders are being forced to adjust to the "new normal", making difficult decisions to hive off parts of their business that might not deliver returns and focus on best-bet returns.

To get to a more profitable future, transaction banks need to differentiate themselves by understanding their clients' views on banking relationships.

Take a Closer Look at our paper to understand:

  • What clients may be looking for in their banking relationship
  • How cost-cutting and automation may be negatively impacting the banking relationship
  • Strategies banks can take to improving client satisfaction while improving bottom-line growth
Transaction banking business
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