Making retirement security a reality

What can financial institutions and advisors do?

Deloitte Financial Services and the Financial Services Roundtable hosted a Twitter chat to discuss how financial institutions and advisors can provide new #RetirementSolutions to help consumers overcome barriers to retirement.

The headlines are rife with reports of Americans struggling to prepare for a financially secure retirement. How do Americans feel about their retirement planning and what challenges do they face? How can financial services companies more effectively help consumers save and invest for their retirement?

During a Deloitte Center for Financial Services and Financial Services Roundtable Twitter chat, participants discussed the current state of retirement in America and challenges and opportunities for the financial services industry. The chat revealed that there is an opportunity for financial advisors to provide enhanced education—especially to younger consumers at an earlier age to develop a formal plan for retirement as part of a holistic financial package.

#RetirementSolutions chat questions

Q1: Why are so many Americans not secure about their retirement?

Q2: What role does planning play in retirement security?

Q3: What are the main barriers Americans face in preparing for a financially secure retirement?

Q4: How can financial institutions deliver better solutions to help overcome these barriers?

Q5: What role can technology play in the delivery of trusted financial advice?

Q6: How can financial advisors better educate consumers and increase their confidence?

View our full report, infographic, and animation to explore the findings of our recent study on Making retirement security a reality.

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Meet the Leaders

Sean Cunniff

Sean Cunniff

Research Leader | Investment Management

Sean is the Investment Management research leader at the Deloitte Center for Financial Services where he is responsible for driving eminence and thought leadership for the Investment Management practi... More

Sam Friedman

Sam Friedman

Research Leader | Insurance

Sam is the insurance research leader at the Deloitte Center for Financial Services, putting his journalistic skills and three decades of industry experience to good use analyzing the latest trends and... More

Val Srinivas

Val Srinivas

Research Leader, Banking & Capital Markets

Val is the Banking & Capital Markets research leader at the Deloitte Center for Financial Services. In his role, Val works closely with the Center and extended Financial Services team to support and c... More