Fanatical about starting smart

Insights for leading your large-scale technology implementation

Right now, companies around the world (perhaps yours?) are investing enormous amounts of time and money in massive technology projects — and many are likely struggling. Our survey data and experience show that even experienced leaders of such projects tend to underestimate how difficult they can be, particularly in the early stages of planning, setup, and launch. Common challenges reported include difficulties sticking to the work plan, managing timelines and milestones, managing team workload, communicating project benefits, and making and sticking to decisions.

Learn how to start smart

Leaders can avoid these pitfalls and dramatically improve their odds of success by “starting smart,” paying close attention to three critical factors up front:

  1. Defining outcomes
  2. Building the right team
  3. Crafting a reasonable plan

Download the attachment to learn how being fanatical about these must-do’s can ease the strain of massive projects and lead to more satisfying results.​​

Fanatical about starting smart
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