Making corporate moves

Key strategies for relocation

Given today’s economic environment and the demand from customers and shareholders for more value and return on investment (ROI), many organizations are seeking to achieve cost savings and drive efficiencies not only through strategic consolidation of support services such as in IT, Finance and HR but also through the physical relocation of corporate headquarters or other facilities that serve the business.

Relocation insights

These transitions may involve cultural and operational transformations such as:

  • Changes to the organizational operating model, and/or changes to functional service delivery model
  • Labor force reductions, affecting labor cost and workforce capability
  • Consolidation/ geographic relocation of the physical workplace

While each of these transitions can be complex and challenging, corporate consolidations/ relocations in particular require careful planning due to the significance of its impact on the entire workforce, productivity and profitability that are likely to occur over the transition period.

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Relocation guidance

Making Corporate Moves is intended to provide organizations considering a relocation insight into potential risks and challenges, and provide guidance on leading practices and considerations for a successful transition. It includes:

  • Key strategies to consider during a corporate relocation
  • The role of HR in workforce transitions during a corporate relocation
  • Industry spotlight: three reasons why consumer product companies are considering a corporate relocation
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