Great (sales) expectations

Optimizing sales force effectiveness continues to be a challenge for sales leaders

If today’s sales leaders pursue a more broad approach to sales motivation, compensation, and talent, they may just have a shot at moving the performance needle and meet growth demands.

Deloitte's 2014 sales compensation survey

While incentive pay has historically been one of the primary motivational tools in a sales leaders’ tool box to drive behavior and results, executives should look at other aspects of their sales execution capabilities to improve sales force effectiveness and overall performance.

Sales incentives are much more than mechanics and target pay levels. Many components and activities must work together as a well-functioning ecosystem, including sales force planning, design, execution, and measurement. If one component is out of balance, the full potential of the other components may not be realized.

Great (sales) expectations

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While Deloitte’s 2013 and 2014 sales compensation survey data indicate that other sales effectiveness capability areas should be considered in addition to compensation as levers of sales performance, sales compensation remains an integral part in achieving sales goals. Leaders of sales compensation, HR, or sales who want to influence sales behavior and increase overall performance should consider areas of improvement beyond just the typical compensation–and examine the broader ecosystem in which they operate.

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