Deloitte Chief Learning Officer (CLO) Forum


Deloitte Chief Learning Officer (CLO) Forum

An annual conference for leaders in learning

Deloitte’s annual, invitation-only CLO conference offers senior learning and talent executives a rare opportunity to collaborate with peers across industries, share insights, discuss issues and solutions, explore bold ideas, and learn from each other’s experiences—all in the exceptional learning environment of Deloitte University.

    CLO Forum 2017: Daring to disrupt, March 15-17, 2017

    At Deloitte's 6th Annual CLO Forum, "Daring to disrupt," senior learning executives, learning thought leaders, and bold thinkers looked at how rapid technology advances and dynamic social shifts are disrupting learning and development and explored ways in which CLOs can put disruption to work to benefit learners and position the business for agility and growth. Through group sessions, Deloitte Lab demos, industry roundtables, expert-led think tanks, and evening networking events attendees:

    • Explored the massive shift in how world-class learning organizations are adapting to new technologies
    • Challenged traditional notions of content consumption
    • Navigated through disruption to find new paths to innovation
    • Addressed the trends shaping the workforce of tomorrow
    • Heard from global CLOs who are currently innovating in the face of disruption

    For more details on the 2017 CLO Forum or future events, please contact the CLO Forum team.

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    HR Times – Learning Blog

    Powered by Deloitte’s Human Capital practice, HR Times is a forum for sharing insights on all things HR. Timely, relevant, and relatable, the blog features discussions on the HR topics and challenges facing businesses today. Check out the blog by browsing previous topics, subscribing to receive updates when new content is posted, and sharing your opinions on these top-of-mind subjects.

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    A Look Ahead at L&D 2016/2017

    Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: L&D is in crisis. L&D must evolve or become irrelevant. We’ve heard this declaration so often during the past few years that it’s beginning to lose its shock value. Indeed, it seems this conviction has become common knowledge among L&D leaders: According to Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2016 report the gap between the importance of employee development and L&D’s perceived ability to meet that need has jumped by 430 percent during the past two years. The problem is not effort. You aren’t likely to find a more dedicated or idealistic group of people than L&D professionals. But somewhere around the turn of the last century, organizations began to prioritize efficiency—and as part of that movement, learning was confined to classrooms in order to make it more efficient.

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    Invisible L&D

    Our jobs as L&D professionals was easier 10 years ago. Information flowed from the top of the organization to the bottom. Managers and facilitators had the most information, which they then imparted to employees like benevolent overlords. But that is no longer true. Technology and frustratingly self-sufficient learners often mean that employees know more than facilitators or managers on a given subject.

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    Image of student learning

    Deloitte earns LearningElite Awards

    Chief Learning Officer Magazine selected Deloitte for its 2017 Learning Strategy Editor's Choice Award and a top 10 spot on its LearningElite ranking for the third consecutive year! The Learning Strategy Award shows that we're one of the best at creating a culture of development for our people and helping our businesses meet their learning needs. It validates our approach to development through education, experience, and exposure to real world problems.

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    About Deloitte Learning Solutions

    Deloitte’s Learning Solutions practice helps companies transform, innovate, and build capability in their learning functions. We work with the world’s leading organizations on learning advisory initiatives, focused on transforming learning by defining efficient and aligned learning strategies, organization structures, processes, and technologies, and learning development engagements, focused on designing effective and engaging courses and curricula. Our work is grounded in Bersin by Deloitte research and data, and delivered by a dedicated team of learning professionals globally.

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