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Organization Transformation

Structure, culture, and assets aligned under an agile strategy

When your organization is constantly on the move, aligning your culture, structure, and assets with your business strategy is no easy undertaking. Our Organization Transformation services help you bring these key success factors together under a unified strategy, harnessing change and data across the enterprise to proactively manage risk, support growth, and improve operational efficiency.

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We help organizations—and the benefits providers that serve them—modernize functions, manage change, and create agile structures for transforming the way work gets done.

2021 Global Human Capital Trends

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Read insights from Deloitte's leading thinkers in change management, culture transformation, and agile strategies.

Exponential Professional: Shaping the future workforce
In the wake of COVID-19, how prepared is your organization for an uncertain future? Learn how our Exponential ProfessionalTM solution helps companies navigate ambiguity and pave the way for the future workforce.
Unlocking the flexible organization
Today’s global operating environment is too unpredictable to rely on organizational structures devised over a century ago. As the drumbeat of business disruption grows, organizations can become more adaptable by unlocking the power of networked teams.
The adaptable organization
The adaptable organization is a fundamental shift in operating and management philosophy that enables large-scale global organizations to operate with a start-up mindset and drive modern people practices that enable enterprise agility through empowered networks of teams.
Beyond office walls and balance sheets: Culture and the alternative workforce
Managing organizational culture, often a challenge, is getting even harder with the rise of the alternative workforce. How can leaders bring independent contractors, telecommuters, and gig workers into their organization’s culture when so many of the traditional levers don’t apply?
The rise of the exponential actuary
AI. Automation. Machine learning. The rise of technology is rapidly creating a new future of work. And it’s gathering speed, redefining jobs and transforming entire professions by enabling humans and machines to work together side by side. As this exciting future unfolds, the actuarial profession is changing dramatically—opening opportunities for actuaries to take on dynamic, new business roles.
Activating the digital organization: Positioning your business to thrive amid constant disruption
Most leaders understand the urgency of activating the digital organization—85 percent believe being digital is important for success, in fact, according to Deloitte and MIT Sloan Management Review research.

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