Talent Strategies

Building the bridge to more business value

When facing today’s complex talent challenges, it is critical for organizations to understand business priorities, build a foundation of facts, identify workforce gaps, and create a talent strategy with associated solutions that bring it all together.

The challenge

Every organization wants to build and maintain a strong leadership bench, secure the supply of critical workforces, and keep their people satisfied, motivated, and in a state of constant development. Many programs originally designed to accomplish these goals were created before the world became flat and organizational ladders gave way to organizational lattices. When it comes time to rebuild these capabilities, there is often a lot of catching up to do.

Talent Strategies

How we can help

Deloitte’s integrated talent approach helps companies align their business and workforce strategies to achieve their enterprise goals through five key business triggers: Mergers & Acquisitions, rapid business growth, retention, employee engagement, and workforce planning & analytics. We work to gain a deep understanding of employee populations and help organizations see their workforce as a value driver. From there, it’s all about creating and implementing solutions that put the right people with the right skills in the right roles at the right time. We approach talent management as an investment in programs, processes, and technologies that delivers a measurable return in improved business performance.

Bottom-line benefits

Our professionals can build a rigorous business case for any investment in talent—and track return on investment continually. We use data mining, statistical analysis and predictive modeling to demonstrate the increased value that talent strategies can bring to an organization. We deliver:

  • Talent strategy and design: Determining future talent strategy, including talent diagnostics and developing a talent roadmap for sequencing and implementing talent solutions
  • Process articulation and optimization: Defining and streamlining core HR talent processes
  • Competency modeling: Developing competency models to help enable execution of performance management plans and support learning and development
  • Workforce planning and analytics: Predictive modeling that enhances the way companies understand the skills that currently exist in the workforce today and analyzes existing data to plan for future talent needs
  • Talent operations, process, and technology: Implementing talent operations and technology solutions to help enable talent programs and processes
  • Talent programs and policies: Helping organizations transform their compensation and benefit programs, benchmarking them against their competitors, and defining and executing differentiating talent solutions

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Sweeping global forces are reshaping the workplace, the workforce, and work itself. Organizations are now rethinking their talent strategies at all stages of the employee lifecycle, vying for top talent in a highly transparent job market and becoming laser-focused on their external employment brand.

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