Learning and employee development

Work and learning are intimately connected. Professionals who can quickly find and absorb information are more engaged and better equipped to deliver on the business strategy.

Implementing savvy employee development methods

Bersin helps its members create a modern learning experience by fully integrating learning and employee training within the flow of work and at the point of need. This better enables leaders and employee development wherever and whenever it happens.

What are the challenges of employee development?

Invisible learning and development

Employee development methods are bringing together work and learning. Forward-thinking organizations are moving away from focusing on content creation, facilitation, and delivery. Instead, they are focusing on every employee interaction with tools, systems, processes, people, or ideas—creating learning opportunities everywhere within the organization.


Leadership development

There’s a growing need for greater cross-functional collaboration to grow leaders. Businesses striving to improve performance outcomes through leadership capabilities should examine their work environments and cultures to approach leadership and employee training in a systemic manner, giving leaders the opportunity to become successful learners daily.




There’s a vast array of new self-directed learning tools on the market that enable employees to take courses and share information. Content is becoming commoditized. Contextualization—understanding, personalizing, relating and curating content—is becoming more important than the content itself.



us-know-more.png (50×50)

Successful organizations are providing tailored solutions that empower individuals to reinvent themselves within the company. This is key both to enabling workers to navigate 21st-century careers and to allowing employers to access the skills of the future.

– 2018 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends

Where we focus

Our goal is to help your HR teams create a modern learning experience through:

  • Organizational development. Bersin’s extensive research is the key to helping our members stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing global economy. We move beyond traditional ideas about L&D and help our members evolve into strong learning organizations.
  • Digital employee learning. We help organizations create digital learning experiences that engage and drive usage. Our emphasis is on employee-centric design, using design thinking, and building a new learning architecture.
  • Learning technology. With our deep knowledge of the learning vendor market, we can help organizations find and choose the best technology solutions for their learning and strategy.

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