Employee rewards

Reward offerings and employee recognition programs are among the most fundamental and effective levers organizations can use to secure and increase employee participation and engagement.

Offering corporate rewards programs employees value

Bersin helps members take a more comprehensive view of corporate rewards programs and focus on employees as customers. By understanding the HR function’s many points of organizational connection, organizations can create personalized, rewards programs that attract, engage, motivate, develop, and retain employees.

What are the challenges of employee rewards programs?

Employee as a customer

Seeing employees as consumers of your organization requires a significant departure from the paternalistic origins of employee rewards programs. Successful rewards programs are personalized and based on understanding an individual’s needs.


Holistic definition of rewards

To create a holistic and inclusive definition of rewards, organizations need to incorporate all elements of the employer/employee relationship that are valued by employees.



Interconnected discipline

The employee rewards and recognition function is connected to many other HR disciplines. It’s also connected to various stakeholder functions across the organization. Organizations should not underestimate the need to integrate all of these disciplines and stakeholders.



us-know-more.png (50×50)

Leading companies increasingly recognize that these [disruptive] technologies are most effective when they complement humans, not replace them.

– 2018 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends

Where we focus our efforts

Our goal is to help your business create a more personalized, holistic employee rewards program through:

  • Understanding emerging trends. Bersin provides insights and thought leaders to help rewards functions stay on top of emerging trends. We also deliver programs that meet changing workforce needs, manage costs, and differentiate your total rewards package to better acquire and retain talent.
  • Engagement by transparency. We help organizations be more transparent with employees about the design and intent of their rewards offering. That way, employees better understand the full value and actual costs of their rewards program.
  • Infusing teams with new capabilities. We can help rewards leaders examine their existing culture and infuse new capabilities in their team so that they may undertake change initiatives confidently.

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