Talent Acquisition

Our Research & Sensing perspectives help talent acquisition (TA) functions thrive through disruption and adopt a data-driven and augmented approach to accessing, curating, and engaging talent.

Deploying strategic talent acquisition

The influx of digital technology, the changing nature of work, and ever-evolving business contexts have resulted in a shift for TA leaders, who now need to increase involvement with hiring teams and business leaders to drive greater impact. We can help enable TA teams to recognize opportunities to develop new capabilities, expand relationships, and refine its purpose.

What are the key challenges for talent acquisition?

Effective integration

The TA function is essential in executing business strategy and promoting culture. TA leaders must integrate themselves across the business to understand and anticipate needs and develop an intrinsic relationship with other talent functions.

Adopting emerging technologies

In today’s digital environment, integrating technology with talent acquisition strategy is a game changer. Cognitive technologies and advanced analytics augment sourcing and enable productivity in a rapidly changing environment.

Creating engaging experiences

Invigorating relationships are a critical component of TA strategy. To be able to attract top talent and stay competitive, organizations should evaluate and enhance their talent approach to confirm it is authentic, personalized, and transparent.

Evolving capabilities

Hiring teams need to harness traditional skills and build new capabilities to address evolving business needs. A balance of skills and capabilities, and embedding this lens in the flow of work, offers an advantage for future-focused TA functions.

In looking ahead at
the next 10 years, 80 percent of respondents rated “the radical shift in work, careers, and jobs due to AI and new employment models,” as important. But only 45 percent said they are prepared for this shift.

– 2020 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends

Where we focus our efforts

Our goal is to help your organization optimize their talent acquisition functions through:

  • Sourcing channels: Deloitte’s leading practices help organizations build new sourcing models, optimize their sourcing channels, and access untapped talent pools.
  • Employment brand: We help organizations uncover, articulate, and define their image, culture, differentiators, and reputation to attract highly skilled, capable talent.
  • Strategy and solutions: Our research helps organizations understand leading practices for talent acquisition strategy building and exploring candidate relationship management (CRM) solutions.

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