Learning and Leadership

Building the skills and capabilities for your leaders and workforce to succeed now and in the future is about more than training. Organizations that curate, design, and provide the experiences, connections, and information for their workforce to evolve and adapt to the changing world of work are more likely to be able to realize better business outcomes.

Learning into the Flow of Work and Life

Organizations are moving away from focusing solely on content creation, facilitation, and delivery, enabling workers to perform their current role and succeed in future roles through exposure, experiences, and education embedded in environment – whether physical office, working remotely, or whenever someone is looking to learn in the flow of work – and life.

What are the challenges of workforce development?

Building human and organizational capability

Organizations need to reskill and upskill workers to be prepared to take on new challenges due to disruption, automation, new ways of doing business, and an uncertain future. Understanding what workers can do today, and correctly anticipating what they might need to learn tomorrow, demands a deeper understanding of the work itself, a robust learning strategy, and a flexible approach to offering what workers need to succeed.


Accessing, growing and sustaining leaders

Today’s organizations are able to succeed with leaders who can help their teams thrive in the face of constant change. It is time for organizations to adopt new ways of identifying, supporting and enabling those who lead – both in and beyond positions of power – as work evolves from completing repeatable tasks to solving unforeseen problems.



Integrating knowledge, tools and technology with the work

Connecting learning with work makes learning less visible but much more effective. Learning organizations are adopting different operating models, strategies, and ways of working to enable and enhance individual, team, and organizational performance.



Successful organizations are providing tailored solutions that empower individuals to reinvent themselves within the company. This is key both to enabling workers to navigate 21st-century careers and to allowing employers to access the skills of the future.

– 2018 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends

Where we focus

Our goal is to help your HR teams create a modern learning experience through:

  • Organizational development. Deloitte’s extensive research helps our members stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing global economy. We move beyond traditional ideas about L&D and help our members evolve into strong learning organizations.
  • Digital employee learning. We help organizations create digital learning experiences that engage and drive usage. Our emphasis is on employee-centric design, using design thinking, and building a new learning architecture.
  • Learning technology. With our deep knowledge of the learning vendor market, we can help organizations find and choose the best technology solutions for their learning and strategy.

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