Total rewards

Our Research & Sensing insights can help organizations attract, engage, develop, and retain employees by leveraging a holistic approach to rewards and recognition programs.

Offering rewards programs workers value

We help members take a more comprehensive view of total rewards programs and focus on employees as customers. Benchmarks alone will only tell you what everyone else is doing. Understanding your workers’ needs and preferences in the context of your organization’s unique culture and objectives is critical to establishing a rewards program grounded in “best fit,” not just best practice.

What are the key challenges for total rewards?

Employee as a customer

Viewing employees as customers requires a departure from the paternalistic origins of the rewards discipline. Effective rewards programs are based on understanding what workers want, and account for preferences changing dramatically over time.

Holistic definition of rewards

Organizations need to include all elements that may be valued by workers. This means not only compensation and benefits programs but also well-being offerings and other “experience and actualization” elements of the employer/employee relationship.


Interconnected discipline

High-performing reward functions act as a coach to broaden what total rewards can mean for the workforce. They collaborate both within HR and beyond, supporting a positive worker experience and a better relationship between employees and employer. 



64 percent of respondents expected their organizations to redesign compensation yet again either this year or in the next three years.

– 2020 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends

Where we focus our efforts

Our goal is to help your business create a more personalized, holistic, differentiated, and attractive total rewards program through:

  • Understanding emerging trends. We provide insights and thought leadership to help rewards functions stay on top of emerging trends and deliver programs that meet changing workforce needs, manage costs, and differentiate your total rewards package.
  • Engagement and transparency. We help organizations be more transparent with employees about the strategy and intent behind their rewards offerings, engage employees in co-creation and iterative design, and more effectively communicate the full value of their rewards programs.
  • Infusing teams with new capabilities. We support rewards leaders in evaluating the culture and capabilities of their teams and infusing new mindsets and skills needed to thrive in the future of work.

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