Hear from Deloitte and exclusive industry leaders as we discuss the 2021 Human Capital Trends from an ER&I lens, in our latest webcast.

This year’s trends leverage findings from our Global Human Capital Trends survey with about 6,000 respondents in 99 countries; nearly 10% of respondents were from ER&I. We explore the idea that making the shift from “survive to thrive” depends on an organization becoming distinctly human at its core with the three attributes of the social enterprise: purpose, potential, and perspective.

Purpose: Designing work for well-being

While the ER&I industry was slower than other industries to adopt holistic employee wellbeing before COVID-19, this disruption now has the industry prioritizing workers’ physical and mental well-being as a matter of survival. Even more complicated is balancing well-being for both office and field, plant, or refinery employees. This past year's lack of stability and security has reminded us that organizations need to build a sustainable future where workers can feel and perform their best across all dimensions of well-being.

Perspective: Beyond reskilling

The ER&I industry continues to face significant challenges in reskilling workers to keep up with the future of work. Reskilling now goes beyond the focus of enhancing skills to stay ahead in a competitive industry and focuses on developing agile skill sets and maintaining resilience in the future unknown. Colocation practices, return-to-work versus virtual work strategies, and governmental regulations have demanded that ER&I organizations redefine the skills needed to thrive in the current industry landscape.

Potential: Governing workforce

As the ER&I industry balances daily responsibilities with disruptions of this past year, workforce insights are more critical than ever to set the new direction for the workforce, and the work itself, of the future. Organizations that understand their workforce, including their values and concerns, can help leaders thrive in a time of constant change where agility becomes mandatory and decisions must be made quickly.



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