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How HR is evolving

As business processes become increasingly digital and automated, the workforce remains as one of the critical catalysts for enterprises that want to evolve their business models. As technology has shifted to managing the mundane, enhancing the inefficiencies, and providing opportunities for next-generation HR services, the workforce too is undergoing transformation in unexpected ways. While some organizations will struggle with aligning to the realities of a shifting delivery model, others can embrace the opportunity to re-imagine the way they service the organization and drive outcomes that impact the people who provide value to their customers.


Did you know?

As a leading enterprise solution for businesses looking to tightly weave their HR business processes into an integrated end-to-end business environment, SAP builds on its commitment to human capital through the SAP SuccessFactors solution. It also allows an organization to:

  • Tap in to the new digital workforce and address the realities of the integrated workforce.
  • Enable a digital workforce by offering an extensive suite of cloud-based, integrated, feature-rich HR solutions—covering core HR transactions, talent management, learning and recruiting solutions, workforce analytics, and more.
  • Strengthen their current HCM capabilities and build new ones.

Let us help

  • Optimize your capabilities through the delivery of SAP SuccessFactors-With more than 16,400 practitioners dedicated to SAP solutions in our network, plus a leading global Human Capital practice, Deloitte is a global leader in providing solutions to help you succeed 
  • Unlock the value of SAP solutions-as an award-winning, global SAP services partner and a long-serving value-added reseller for SAP SuccessFactors, we understand the full potential of SAP solutions throughout the SAP HANA® ecosystem
  • Embed HR into the overall value chain of business activities to enable the broader, business-driven approach of SAP SuccessFactors 
  • Provide a multidisciplinary approach for HR technology solutions with our industry-leading research on innovative HR practices and our specialization in global HR service delivery models 
  • Provide early insight into possibilities that leverage the right solution for your unique needs through our “Ready on Day One” solutions, disciplined methodology, business scenario playbooks, and project accelerators
  • Improve the quality and expected results of your HR transformation journey through Our HR FastForward, Haiku, and AccessEdge solutions

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Leendert van der Bijl

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